€¢ Recycle!€¢Buy energy efficient lights and replace every bulb in the house. Don't use plastic grocery bags.

€¢Stop buying bottled water and buy a plastic water bottle instead. Fill it with tap water, and you just saved a couple bucks and a plastic bottle from going to a landfill.

€¢Opt-out of junk mail. This one tip will save tons of trash from going to the landfill every year.

€¢Use leftover paint in your garage or basement to help spruce up a local park or school. Try creating a green mural with the leftovers and get the community involved. o Use alkaline manganese batteries because they are free of toxic heavy metals. Better yet get some rechargeable batteries and save some money.

€¢Put all major devices in your home on a power strip. oPick up some solar chargers, generators, or other solar powered tools in our solar store.

These tips DO make a difference, but they need to become habit in order to stick to your daily routine. Make up your mind to change the way you live and impact the environment.

Source: www.energyrefuge.com

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