Dale E. Graff of Hamburg, PA with Hamburg, Germany couple

Left to right are Laura Müller of Hamburg, Germany; Dale E. Graff of Hamburg, PA; and Maximilian Müller of Hamburg, Germany at the conference where the Müllers received a research award.

Hamburg area resident Dale E. Graff has a unique connection with Maximilian (Max) and Laura Müller, residents of Hamburg, Germany (GER). Although their Hamburg towns are separated by 4,000 miles, they perform similar independent investigations into a subset of science referred to as parapsychology or psi research.

They had no direct contact until meeting at a recent conference of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) in Las Vegas, NV. Max and Laura were there to receive an Award for completing an innovative research project sponsored by IRVA that demonstrated the reality of precognition based on events determined randomly in the future. Their research project was selected by a scientific review panel as the best of several proposals submitted to Dale in his role as an IRVA Director and Chairman of the Research and Awards Committee. Dr. Marc Wittmann, Research Fellow at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg, Germany was a consultant for the statistical evaluation.

Maximilian and Laura are psychology students at a University in Hamburg, Germany. Max developed an interest in this field as a child when he had frequent precognitive impressions of future events. He began researching the phenomenon when he learned of the psi investigations sponsored by the USA Department of Defense in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under the code name, Star Gate. When employed by DIA, Dale created the name Star Gate and was one of its Directors. Laura’s interest began from intuitions and precognitive dreams.

In Germany, precognition is included in the Frontiers of Psychology classification. Working with Max and Laura was particularly meaningful for Dale since he has also experienced precognitive dreams beginning in childhood.

Dale’s connection with Max and Laura in Germany brought back memories of when he and his wife, Barbara were in Germany searching for the area where his great great grandfather, Christian Graff had resided in Bavaria before immigrating to the USA in the mid-1800s. They were unable to locate Christian’s home village or his German descendants since records for them were lost or destroyed. Instead, they discovered a deep feeling of connectedness with his German origin by exploring Bavaria, dining on authentic German foods and hearing the essence of PA Deutsch that was spoken by his parents.

Dale hopes to visit Hamburg, a city of 2 million people located on the Elbe River at the North Sea. The city has a spectacular Port Birthday event celebrated every May that rivals any Octoberfest, certainly a good time for returning to Germany.

Dale, Max and Laura maintain a relationship with their unique Hamburg-Hamburg long distance connection. They also continue their scientific research for gaining insight into how precognition phenomenon occurs and how it can be understood from a scientific perspective.

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