25 Years Ago

April 13, 1994

During their annual Open House last Wednesday evening Virginville Grange recognized P. William Stitzel, RD2 Hamburg, as their 1993 Granger of the Year. M. Domer Leibensperger, Hamburg businessman was named Community Citizen of the Year for 1993.

Dinner Special: Breaded Fish Fillets with tartar sauce, FF and one veg.--$4.99 and Sunday of the Week is Chocolate Marshmallow Peanut--$1.29. at King’s Restaurant.

“The Air Up There” will be featured at the Hamburg Strand April 15 -18.

50 Years Ago

April 17, 1969

C. Thomas Work received a bronze medal for his chemistry segment of the Science Fair competition held at the Albright College Field House last week.

The 13th annual Modern Living Show was held in the Field House, Hamburg, last Thursday – Sunday afternoon. Raymond Degler, General Chairman, reported attendance for the four sessions as almost 4,000 adults. Approximately 50 door prizes were awarded by the 23 exhibitors.

Ships Serviceman Third Class Russell N. Stump, USN, son of Mrs. June E. Stump, of Hamburg, and husband of the former Miss Judy A. Haas of Pine Grove R3, returned to the United States aboard a special “Early Bird” flight from the attack aircraft carrier USS Forrestal in the Mediterranean.

Georg A. Hunsicker, USN, recently received a letter of commendation for sustained outstanding performance of duty while attached to Fighter Squadron 33; R.E. Rumble commended him for his work while engaged in combat operations in Southeast Asia.

Men’s Gabardine Dress Slacks--$2.98 at J.L. Wagner & Sons, 314 State Street, Hamburg.

75 Years Ago

April 6, 1944

Miss Helen Miller, State Street, Hamburg received word that Charles A. O’Rourke, located somewhere in Italy, has been promoted to staff sergeant.

Dr. T.W. Gliem, North Fourth Street, Hamburg, plans to take a special course in industrial medicine at the New York Post Graduate Medical School, New York, NY, next week.

Announcement was made recently of the marriage of Miss Gwendolyn Flickinger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Flickinger, formerly of Strausstown, and now of Attadena, CA, to Harold Spengler, son of Mrs. Bertha Spengler, of Strausstown. The wedding took place on March 8, in the Church of the Cross Roads in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was followed by a reception. Ralph Balthaser, a cousin of the groom and formerly of Strausstown, was best man. The bride is a civil service employee. Mrs. Spengler and Mr. Balthaser have been serving as supply clerks at Hickman Field Army Base since 1941.

Application for a marriage license has been made by Roy L. Hunsicker, of Lenhartsville, and Grace Reppert, of Hamburg.

100 Years Ago

April 17, 1919

James M. Savage, former proprietor of the Union Roller Mills at Fourth and Pine Streets, and recently of the extensive Mills at Perkasie, sold out his interests in the latter and purchased the double dwelling houses on South Fourth Street, below Arch, from A.P. Wertley, for $9,000.

William J. Stitzel, contractor, sold the last of four new houses which he is erecting on his lot on South Fourth Street, Hamburg, at Grand. Sylvester Smith of Windsor Twp. is the purchaser of the fourth house which will have a few extra features added. On Saturday, Mr. Stitzel purchased the lot at Fourth and Windsor Streets, from the Building and Loan Association for $750. on which he will erect five more dwellings.

The J.A. Bausher estate is now installing, at their large farm in Tilden Twp., a few miles west of Hamburg, a Western Electric Power and Light Plant, of 5400 watt-hour capacity. The farm contains the well-known Bausher Bungalows, and these will be electrified throughout. The light capacity is 75 lights.

Confer Smith and Company have erected a new sand house to hold 3 carloads of molding sand and are now erecting another building to hold one carload of beach sand. They are of concrete construction. The firm is also building a concrete retaining wall on the east side of the cupola building, to secure the storage of iron ore.

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