The Hamburg Area Lions Club welcome magician Joseph Keppel and his classic sleight-of-hand magic during their recent Hamburg Area Lions Club Charter Night at The Blue Mountain Restaurant.

Awards for the night were given. Amy Lovins received The Melvin Jones, Mike Adams received The Bing Miller, Gene Rhoads received Lions of PA., qnd Kathleen Maberry received Lion of The Year.

The night was emcee'd by Scott Maberry.

The Hamburg Lions have been chartered for 49 years. That is a long time, and in that time a lot of members have come and gone. But somethings still remand the same, like the service to the blind and hearing impaired. They are also one of the many organizations that help do Meals on Wheels meals for Hamburg residents.

We are always welcoming of new members to join. If interested please ask one of our lions members for an applications for more information or call Kathleen Maberry at 610-562-9008.

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