Hamburg Middle School students experienced their first mini agricultural and farm show right on campus.

Nov. 2 ushered in a practical, hands-on experience for 6th through 8th graders with volunteer presenters from the county, and their very own student body.

Bell Evans Chickens, Jurgielwicz and Son’s Duck Farms, Irish Creek Horses, The Rodale Institute, Frederick Hay Farm, and Essig’s Sheep Farm volunteered their time and professional expertise to provide students candid and genuine experiences. As students traveled to each station around the school, they learned about what they do, why it is important, and how the students can become involved coupled with gleeful petting of sheep, chickens, cows, ducks, rabbits, “Dinah” the Quarter Horse, and Q & A along the way.

7th grade student, Ian Fink, proudly presented their heifer and information with his father, Adam, about Furnace Stroam Farms, while fellow 7th grade student, Evan Hix showed off their newly-birthed calves with 8th grader Haley Stertzel and their Grandfather from Skyline Acres. Middle School Staff member, Justin Berger, along with his wife and daughters, conducted a thrilling experience during their horse-vaulting sessions.

8th grader, Nick Wagner, proudly shared his family’s story about corn silage, and his work on KDR Farms. Senior Katlyn Flaherty, who is actively involved in Hamburg High School’s Agricultural Club and the 4H Club of Lebanon County, has been showing rabbits for six years, brought an Angora, Checkered, and a New Zealand rabbit to delight the students.

Pennsylvania is a leading producer in many agricultural products, and the meaningful day carried a message of hard work, quality and pride. The day was orchestrated by Dean of Students, Tim Easter, along with the Middle School’s Enrichment teachers, as a precursor to a whole-school field trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg January 2019.

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