Rebel Brotherhood RC, a motorcycle club based in the Hamburg area, served Thanksgiving Dinner to 100 children and staff at the Reading Children’s Home on Monday, Nov. 25.

“For the past three years, we have been purchasing, cooking and serving their Thanksgiving Dinner,” said George Morgan, president of Rebel Brotherhood RC. “It started out that we were going to do a pizza party for them, but after sitting down and meeting with one of the directors, we were told that what the kids would really like is a sit down family style Thanksgiving Dinner, where they get to pass the food around to each other like a traditional dinner we all have with our families. Without hesitation, we said if that’s what they want, then that’s what we will do. They couldn’t believe that just that fast we agreed.”

The club cooked nine turkeys, made real mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, stuffing, homemade gravy, dinner rolls, garden salad, fresh fruit salad, and 40 pies and cool whip.

“Everything we would have, we wanted them to have. It’s not easy cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for 100 people, but we love to do it and will continue to do it,” said Morgan. “Many of the kids never had a real dinner like this and we are happy to do it.”

In addition to this service project, Morgan said that the Rebel Brotherhood RC is involved in a lot of local charities from food drives for Keystone Military Families to providing comfort items to the Veterans Affairs Hospital.

“Every December we pay our respects for our veterans at Wreathes Across America, placing wreaths on the headstones at Fort Indiantown Gap,” said Morgan. “We don’t just support kids and veterans; we actually get out and ride our motorcycles. Our club has been as far south as New Orleans and north to New Hampshire and as far west as Ohio. It’s nothing to put 400 miles behind you for a Saturday ride.”

“It’s a great club with greater people,” added Morgan. “We are not a big club but we definitely make an impact on the things we support and the local community and that’s our only goal.”

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