On Feb. 25, Hamburg Area School Directors approved repairs to the high school stage rigging system in the auditorium at a cost of $82,602.

The work is scheduled to be completed between April 14 and 24 after the spring play is performed.

"It is not unsafe for our young people," said Superintendent Dr. Richard Mextorf. "There is no imminent danger."

The repairs will be completed by Center Stage Lighting & Rigging, Inc., Allentown.

The stage area was not included during the last renovations to the high school in 2001, according to Chris Spohn, Director of Operations and Product Development.

A rigging system includes a series of rope lines, pulleys and counterweights that allow the stage crew to quickly lift components such as curtains, lights and scenery.

Besides being used by the school district, the 980-seat auditorium is used throughout the year by the community for events such as dance recitals, Spohn said.

The cost of the project could increase if more issues are found once the repairs have started.

In other news, Business Manager Michele Zimmerman said that recent increases in revenue will help to cover $943,000 on the expenditure side of the ledger.

The district received an additional $280,000 in real estate tax revenue this year because total assessed value increased by $10.5 million since July 1.

Another $6.2 million has been added to the tax base for 2019 taxes which adds $170,000 in real estate tax revenue.

$170,000 is approximately what the district receives from a .25 mill tax increase, according to Zimmerman.

The district also received $250,000 more through investment earnings.

Due to conservative budgeting and increased revenues over the first seven months of the 2018-19 budget year, Zimmerman told school directors that she anticipates that the district will break even at years end.

In other news, school directors approved the 2019-20 BCIU mandated services budget in the amount of $1,761,796. The district's portion is $29,985.

The next meeting of school directors is Monday, March 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the James A. Gilmartin Community Room.

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