The graduating class of 2018 took the first trip to the Pinnacle in the Hamburg Area School District on Oct. 30. The inspiration for the trip came from the book Into the Woods which is the book that the English classes are reading.

The hike was 8.7 miles back and down and over 140 students participated with three administrators and seven teachers. Every student but three made it all the way up the Pinnacle and down. There was a lot of controversy over the trip because it was so close to the end of the quarter. There was also a lot of dispute about the difficulties of the trip. Many people were negative about the idea of almost every student making it to the top by 11:30 a.m. Much to people’s surprise, the class made it up to the Pinnacle before 11 a.m.

The weather was beautiful and the trail was easily walkable. There were a lot of rocks which required the hiker to watch every step that they made. This trip made students relax and really try to appreciate nature. It was a good trip for students to take to make them realize how difficult it is to survive in the nature.

“The hike up to the Pinnacle was the easiest part and the hike down was the hardest,” says Eric Rothacker. “The hike required a lot of muscle, stamina, endurance and balance.”

Hydration was not an issue as Mr. Shefter provided two water bottles and two granola bars for the students. After the hike was done we all ate lunch also provided by Mr. Shefter. Along the way there were very many hikers that congratulated the students on making it to the top and all the way back down. Despite the negative comments and thoughts about this trip, the sophomore class and chaperones made this trip a success. Many hope that this trip will be continued throughout the next years.

Kiana Wright is a sophomore at Hamburg High School.

By Victoria Baumert Hamburg High School Student Reporter

The sophomore class had an extensive journey ahead of them when they embarked for the Pinnacle on Oct. 30. Almost the entirety of the class went on the trip, and a handful of teachers accompanied them. 10th grade English teachers Mrs. Texter and Mrs. Trubilla planned the trip in correspondence with their reading of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. The 10th grade English classes are currently studying the novel by analyzing its transcendentalist ideals and the motives of protagonist Chris McCandless. The long trek into the wild nature of the Pinnacle allowed both students and teachers to experience the purity of nature and feel what the protagonist felt on his journey.

Both students and teachers had positive feedback regarding the trip.

“The trip to the Pinnacle went so well,” says Mrs. Texter. “I was really proud of the students.”

Despite the day’s cooler weather and duration of the hike, the students still enjoyed themselves.

Brinn Albrecht says, “Even though I’m sore, the trip was fun.”

The journey up the Pinnacle overall was a successful and fun trip, and students of the sophomore class made many memories.

Victoria Baumert is a junior at Hamburg High School.

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