The Hamburg Strand heard patrons’ pleas for their theater popcorn and will host a Popcorn Pickup.

“We heard your cries!!” the Hamburg Strand posted on their Facebook page. “Please maintain proper social distancing and masks will be required to enter. Can't wait to see you!”

The Strand will be offering Popcorn Pickup on Friday, May 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, May 2 from 4 to 5 p.m. Popcorn, soda, candy and gift cards will be available for purchase. Due to safety concerns, there will be no refills of popcorn buckets.

“We had a ton of people commenting on Facebook posts to please sell popcorn, that they missed it so much,” said Hamburg Strand manager Bethany Sholl. “We hope to provide a treat to brighten their weekend. Most people come to the movies every weekend and look forward to our snacks.”

Sholl said their hope is that this Popcorn Pickup will give people something fun to being at home with their families.

“We have really fun Trolls merchandise that we had ordered prior to the closure that we were excited to sell while showing Trolls. The movie was unexpectedly streamed into homes a few weeks ago so we won’t have the opportunity to show it. Hopefully people will still buy the kid packs.”

This event supports the Strand during its mandated closure.

“We still have bills to pay, as does any business right now. Any little bit helps!” said Sholl.

As for people’s reactions, Sholl said the response has been more than positive.

“People are soooo excited!!! The post really took off!!” said Sholl.

Safety guidelines will be followed.

“We will definitely limit people inside. We will have tape marked at 6 feet as well as someone at the door monitoring the situation. Masks will be required as well,” said Sholl. “The serving is a quick process so it shouldn’t take too long to serve everyone!”

Depending on how the event goes, The Strand will decide on hosting a Popcorn Pickup again.

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