Paula Babb, longtime support staff member with Richard A. Zuber Realty, needed a project during COVID that she hoped would “save her sanity” and also express her appreciation for the heroic efforts afforded by individuals dedicated to saving lives and protecting our communities.

“The COVID crisis has highlighted the essential services our police department provides our communities,” Babb explained. "I wanted to give back to them for their uncompromising service.”

Babb spent her free time and funds toward creating personalized mugs as gifts to 15 members of the Eastern Berks Regional Police Department and EMTs.

Chief Barry Leatherman, Sergeant Amy Babb, and police officer Barry Koch accepted the gifts along with a Zuber Realty shopping tote bag recently from Babb; Richard Zuber, owner of Richard A. Zuber Realty; and agent Jody Dolansky, coordinator of the Zuber organization’s community outreach committee.

Each mug is hand-crafted with the recipient’s name, rank, badge, and symbols representing their role in the service organization in which they serve. Babb spent hours creating each mug after learning the process from watching video demonstrations and created a video of her own that showcases the mugs.

“We are proud of Paula’s effort to recognize the service of our local police department,” said Zuber. “The Zuber Realty motto, ‘We Work for You’ and the organization’s commitment to community service certainly characterize the members of our police force. We are happy to join Paula in supporting and celebrating our shared missions.”

Critical to the process is identifying the most effective epoxy.

“I have sampled a dozen brands; each has a unique consistency and advantage, and I now have identified my favorite!” Babb said.

She plans a similar project in spring in partnership with Zuber Insurance to celebrate local firefighters.

Babb continues to create personalized mugs as a new side business and is eager to grow her business offering samples of her mugs to business owners and discussing how the mugs can be used to promote the business through custom cups offered to employees that showcase the business’s logo. Contact Babb at

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