Hawk Mountain Scouts recently took advantage of the snow to participate in a Snowman Challenge.

Kevin Huneke, Camp Ranger at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, came up with the idea to host a Snowman Challenge on social media. The challenge was posted on the Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation and Hawk Mountain Council BSA Facebook pages.

“We would like to challenge all of our Scouts, leaders, and parents to a snowman challenge! Build your biggest and best snowman possible and post it right here in the post comments!” the post challenged.

“Kids are home because of virtual schooling. This was one fun way to get them outside and playing,” said Huneke.

Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation Director of Development Duane Crouse loved the idea for a Snowman Challenge.

“This was the perfect way of keeping our kids from just sitting inside all day,” said Crouse. “Scouting is about getting them engaged and trying things they don’t normally do.”

Crouse liked the social media challenge so much that he would like to see the Scouts participate in more challenges.

“Maybe the next one can be a service challenge where the scouts can take pictures of themselves helping others in the community,” he said.

Birdsboro mom Cory Derer also loved the idea and photographed her kids building a snowman in their yard full of snow.

“This was a lot of fun!” said Derer, adding that parents and kids of the area were sad and frustrated that they didn't get a real snow day because they were still virtually schooling. “This was a good way to cheer up the area’s children.”

Her son, Mark Derer, 7, a Scout in Pack 595’s Tiger Den, built a 7-foot tall snowman with his friends, using fruits and vegetables to make the face and buttons.

“I had so much fun playing in the snow,” said Mark. “It just kept snowing, all day! We tried to build the most humongous snowman that we could!”

Pack 595 Tiger Scout Jeff Edwards, 7, of Douglassville, named his snowman Fred.

“If my snowman could go out at night and do something, he would go get ice cream!” Edwards said.

Besides snowman building, his favorite thing to do in the winter is sleigh riding.

Aiden Meeker, 10, of Birdsboro Pack 595 tried to be creative.

“I made a snow deer instead of a snowman,” said Meeker. “The challenge was really cool. I liked seeing all the pictures of the snowmen that my friends made, since I can’t really play with them right now.”

Pack 595 Tiger Scout Tyler James, 7, of Birdsboro, and his friends worked hard as a team to build a really big snowman.

“He is awesome! He has limes for eyes and a banana for his nose and a carrot for his mouth.”

James enjoys being a Scout.

“I love playing outside with my friends and learning new things in Scouts. The adventures that we take at Scouts is a lot of fun. I love Scouts!”

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