A group of residents at The Heritage of Green Hills in Shillington gathered to celebrate Women’s Equality Day and the 100 anniversary of the 19th Amendment on Aug. 26.

Deb McCone, Claire Eberwein, Ruth Shaffer, Billie Snyder watched the "Toast to Tenacity," a live event broadcast from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall presented by Vision 2020 Presents Women 100, and raised a glass to the suffragists who fought for women’s right to vote.

Shaffer, who wore a white dress in honor of the women who fought for the amendment, has written several published articles about women’s suffrage.

This event kicked off a month-long celebration of women’s suffrage at The Heritage of Green Hills, which will include a film festival, fancy suffragette hat-making, and a community parade featuring the hats, yellow roses for the women, and a mail-in ballot form handout for everyone.

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