Mannered Mutts Dog Training hosted Holiday Photos for pet families at The Animal Resource Cooperation in Hamburg to raise funds for Pawsitively Purrfect Rescue on Dec. 6.

“(The purpose of this event) was to help bring some holiday cheer and remember all we have to be thankful for this holiday season while supporting a local rescue who has been devastated financially from a lack of fundraising events due to COVID. This time of year is all about giving, and we were so happy to be able to give,” said Dr. Pamela Kneass, co-owner of The Animal Resource Co-Op.

“In this day and age, any reason to smile is a reason to celebrate,” she added. “All the pet parents had huge smiles on their faces, especially as they watched us try to get their dogs to sit and stay for photos! It's important to remember pets are part of the family, and rightfully deserve holiday photos of their own."

Michele Rhoades, owner and head trainer at Mannered Mutts Dog Training, LLC., agreed.

“This definitely raised spirits, people getting out with their pups is always a good thing,” said Rhoades. “That was the first time for that event. With the pandemic we had to be careful to keep people safe, so we gave each family a private photo session.”

A total of eight families participated.

“We had dog families from Hamburg, Berks County, Lehigh Valley and Schuylkill County areas,” said Kneass.

Each family had 30 minutes to spend some time in the Enrichment Room, get a photo and shop in the retail area in a safe and calm experience.

“No long lines or dogs barking and messing up photos,” Rhoades said.

“We scheduled extra time so each pet who was there for pictures had some time to play in the Zen Play Den, our indoor private playroom,” said Kneass. “It was great fun watching them enjoy their photos!”

Mannered Mutts hopes to grow the event even bigger next year to again raise funds for the rescue and possibly offer more days if needed.

“The reason for the event was to help the Co-Op get some exposer and also help Pawsitivley Purrfect Pet Rescue they have been struggling like most rescues due to the pandemic, all expos and fundraisers have been cancelled. I'm doing everything I can to help,” said Rhoades. “We wanted to host the event there to promote them, help the rescue and promote Mannered Mutts as well. A win-win all around.”

Dog Training at The Co-Op

Mannered Mutts offers dog training at the Animal Resource Cooperation. During organizing classes, Mannered Mutts suggested holiday photos, and Rhoades from Mannered Mutts offered to do the photography. Rhoades fosters kittens from Pawsitively Purrfect Rescue.

Pamela Kneass and Michelle Porter, owners of The Animal Resource Cooperation, are huge supporters of rescue and have a houseful of rescue animals. 10% of all sales, in addition to the photos, was also donated to Pawsitivley Purrfect Pet Rescue.

Pawsitivley Purrfect Pet Rescue,, is an all-volunteer organization the rescues and re-homes neglected and abandoned dogs and cats in the Carbon, Schuylkill, Northampton, Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Luzerne, and Philadelphia areas. For more information, find on Facebook at

Mannered Mutts Dog Training connected with the Co-Op a few months ago.

“They are all about helping animals and a friend of mine who trains with me said they are really amazing so we met up and combined our efforts to help dogs with issues or dogs that just need some manners,” said Rhoades.

Rhoades started Mannered Mutts about two years ago, but she has been training for about 20 years.

“Our specialty is shelter and rescue dogs, we work a lot with our local shelter to help match up people and dogs and train volunteers to work with dogs more effectively,” she said.

Mannered Mutts offers dog pack walks once a month, free training for people who are fostering dogs, pre-adoption counselling to help families get the right dogs to fit their lifestyles, and a "No dog left behind" program for reactive dogs to have a calmer better life and be around other dogs even if they are dog aggressive. On Jan. 25, Mannered Mutts will host a fearful / aggressive dog seminar at the Co-Op.

“Our focus is helping people and dogs. We love what we do,” said Rhoades.

Rhoades believes The Co-Op and Mannered Mutts merging is really going to help dogs so much.

“We can offer the Enrichment Room for so many issues and training there will help, too. When you combine play, holistic help and training you have a happy balanced dog,” said Rhoades.

For more information about Mannered Mutts Dog Training, visit or on Facebook at

For more information about The Animal Resource Cooperation at Inner Peace and Wellness in Hamburg, visit or find on Facebook at

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