The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 2525, the Dog Law, last week. Next, it needs to pass Senate approval."There are reputable breeders in Pennsylvania, and the Department of Agriculture has worked with them and other segments of the kennel community to make sure this legislation does not impede their ability to breed and raise high quality show dogs, sporting dogs, and companion dogs," said Gov. Ed Rendell, who believes it reflects needs of reputable kennel owners and raises the bar for others.

Animal rights groups sent out a flurry of emails encouraging citizens to contact their senators and show support for HB 2525. The Humane Society of Berks County was among them.

"There is an ugly rumor going through the halls of the Pennsylvania Senate. It's that you and I don't care enough about the health, welfare and lives of dogs," wrote Karel Minor, executive director. Read more on page 4.

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