The following defendants had preliminary hearings in front of District Justice Michael Hartman on April 25.ˆ·BarronStrauch, 30,of Shillington, waived two charges from an April 15, 2005 incident. According to authorities, Strauch wrote a check for $205.59 to Bachman Music from a closed account.ˆ·VallerieWargo, 27,of Collegeville, waived three charges from a February incident. Court documents allege that Wargo, an employee at Wal- Mart, stole merchandise from the Colebrookdale Township store on three separate occasions. She is accused of taking a cartful of baby merchandise, and a closed-circuit television recorded her taking a $100 gift card without paying for it, police said. Three days later, authorities claim, Wargo put a paid sticker on a DVD player and carried it out of the store without paying for the machine.John Silbert, 49, of Harleysville, waived four charges from an alleged drunk driving incident on March 3. According to court records, Silbert lost control of his car on an S curve while heading south on Colebrookdale Road after 9:30 p.m. Authorities found the car on its side, in a ditch, near the northbound lane. Police reportedly recovered two open vodka bottles from the vehicle. Silbert had a blood alcohol content of .252 percent, according to court documents.ˆ·DebraPowanda, 49,of Macungie, waived three charges and had two charges withdrawn from a Jan. 29 drunk driving incident. According to court documents, Powanda's Jeep Cherokee hit the end of a guardrail after being involved in a three-car accident on Seisholtzville Road. Her blood alcohol content was .141 percent, according to authorities.ˆ·ChristopherSuriano, 20,of Royersford, waived a charge of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia from a Dec. 23 incident. According to authorities, Suriano admitted to police that she had smoked the substance around 11:45 p.m. while sitting in a car with another person. A ceramic pipe was found in Suriano's pocket, according to court papers.ˆ·JasonBuck, 20,ofPottstown, waived four charges and had one withdrawn from a Feb. 7 drunk driving incident. According to authorities, Buck's car, which was traveling on Squirrel Hollow Road around 10:30 p.m., failed to stop at the intersection with Constitution Ave and Rattlesnake Hill Road. Buck's vehicle careened into a truck parked on Constitution Ave. Buck, who was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital, had a .150 percent blood alcohol content.

Charlan Berger, 24, of Reading, waived two charges and had three withdrawn from a Feb. 21 drunk driving incident. According to court documents, police arrived at the intersection of Old Route 100 and Stauffer Road in Washington Township at 1:30 a.m. to find Berger's car, which suffered heavy front-end damage, resting in the berm. Berger had a blood alcohol content of .123 percent, according to court records.

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