Do you ever get tired of reading a newspaper or an online news magazine, needing to determine for yourself the truthfulness of a story, and realizing along the way just how unhappy the news can make you? Then is for you. When reading the stories found on, you won't have to wade through story after monotonous story just to find a tiny anecdote that will both bring a smile to your face and make you feel a little bit better about the world.As long as you know these stories from The Onion to be completely and utterly false (this is very important to understand), they can take you away to a place where it is OK to laugh about the absurdities in life. They make you think "if these were true, then maybe my life would seem relatively normal."

Take politics for instance. In reality, the 2008 presidential election is looming ever closer, prompting the newspapers to include story after story involving the candidates' growing popularity and the issues they want to address. In the world of The Onion, however, these candidates seem to be growing desperate for attention, and are using tactics such as performance comment cards and bumper stickers featuring a "How's Our Governing?" number, all featured under the headline "Democrats Demand Inquiry into How They're Doing So Far."

Now be honest, which story is more appealing to you?

If entertainment "news" is more appealing to you, than you can read recent stories about how Dane Cook has an hour-long HBO special devoted entirely to the Texas Double Whopper, and how Justin Timberlake was officially deemed the King of Pop by record executives because they just couldn't think of anyone else.

Sports fan can read about how Robby Gordon is planning to race a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass from now on, how the University of Florida once again advanced to the NCAA Tournament's prestigious Round of One or how Phil Mickelson predicted that Tiger Woods was probably going to win the Masters again this year.

Obviously these stories are not actually true, but the appeal for readers of is that they at least have a basis in truth. This is what makes The Onion one of the foremost outlets of satire on modern American society. When you are tired of reading stories from CNN or Fox News, you can just travel over to The Onion, and have a good laugh at just how ridiculous the world can seem.

Speaking of ridiculous, you can read an abundance of opinion pieces in The Onion, with supposed authors ranging from celebrities to college frat boys. There are many interesting tidbits of information found in the op-ed section.

For instance, you'll find Charlton Heston claiming to have performed all of the miracles in The Ten Commandments. Who would have ever known? You will also find a moving piece by a writer who is appalled by the lack of information regarding Weird Al Yankovic on Wikipedia. You can even find several op-ed pieces from none other than the Emperor of the Universe.

Sure, these stories may seem absurd to some, but for others, they may just be enough to start a little laughter and brighten someone's day. So, after researching for yet another paper or project, just take a few minutes and visit for a little break from reality.

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