Jason Garcia is the residence coordinator for Bonner Hall, where Kyle Quinn lived.He was a new student, so I didn't really have enought time to get to know him. But he did come in and out of the building a lot. He wasn't very active in the hall. His brother lived in town and he spent a lot of his time over there.

"He was pretty easy going. A nice guy. I never had any problems with him. Just a regular student, a regular resident of Kutztown.

It's pretty sad. As our (Kutztown University) president said, 'It was a random act of violence." I've been doing this for five years now and this is the first time I've actually lost a resident to an act of violence like this.

It's hard. It's a trying time.

For everyone, I think it's a mix of emotions. Kyle wasn't very well know yet since he had just started here. But this has brought an awareness to a lot of students. Now they're a little bit more aware when they go out on the town with there friends.

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