Kutztown Community Partnership invites all KCP volunteers, committee members and the general public to the annual business meeting at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on Feb. 20 at 6 p.m.

Committee reports included in the meeting are KCP committees such as Kutztown Thriving, Peace. Love. Kutztown., and Economic Development. Each committee focuses on different aspects of volunteering and representing Kutztown. The KCP Organization Committee is responsible for the planning of this meeting.

“Kutztown Thriving is a committee focused on town beautification, arts in the town, and increasing the aesthetics of Kutztown. Peace. Love. Kutztown. is about being inclusive and open to diversity,” said KCP Board of Directors President Jerry Schearer. “And Economic Development is about focusing on business, retail, and space utilization in Kutztown.”

Objectives for the KCP meeting involves a review of 2018, input from volunteers, and what the highlights for 2019 are projected to be. Other goals for the meeting are for recipients of awards for the Kutztown Community Organization for the Year and the KCP Volunteer of the Year to receive their awards.

“The KCP continues to do great things for the community, and we are always looking for community input. All are welcome to attend the meeting, even if you have never been involved [with the KCP] before,” Schearer said.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is located at 357 West Main Street. Refreshments will be provided at the meeting.

For more information on the meeting, email the KCP at kcp@hometownu.com, call the KCP office at 484-646-9069, or stop by the KCP office at 306 West Main Street.

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