On Friday, May 3, from 7-9 p.m., KAHS Has Talent!

The Kutztown High School Leo Club will be hosting the fourth Relay for Life student-faculty talent show, featuring live musical acts, comedy, and student produced movies and music videos. Capping off the evening the show they will continue the tradition of a game show finale—and this year the faculty and students are playing Jeopardy! Will Alex Trebek, Junior make his debut? Come and see!

The show, open to the general public, benefits the American Cancer Society, our own Kutztown Relay for Life and the Anthony Myers Movement. All proceeds from admission (a mere $5) will be divided between these two worthy causes. Of course, any additional donations will be gratefully accepted!

Founded in Tacoma, Washington in 1985 by Dr. Gordy Klatt, Relay for Life is an international event run by individual communities to support their family and friends who have battled cancer. That first year, Klatt alone raised $27,000 during his 24-hour marathon. To date, an estimated $5 billion  has been raised to assist in cancer research, awareness and support for individuals and their families fighting the disease. Kutztown’s own Relay for Life, held behind Rohrbach Library at Kutztown University from May 31-June 1, is an annual community event, having raised nearly $1 million in its two decades.

Established last year, The Anthony Myers Movement came about after one young man’s diagnosis with brain cancer. In his words, found on the Movement website: “this experience led to an extraordinary outpouring of support, care, and concern for me along with the realization that life can present difficulties at any moment, in any form. Along with overcoming this disease and moving forward in my own life, my aim is to support and help others tackle problems, move past challenges, and reach goals, while serving the quest for medical relief and improved health.”

The hosts for the evening, the Leo Club, the junior auxiliary of the Kutztown Lions Club, serve community and global interests alike through various fund drives, collections and activities. They serve the American Cancer Society, the Wounded Warriors, Friend, Inc., and Operation Gratitude—just a few of the organizations they have worked with in recent years. Membership is free and they always welcome new people. If your child wishes to join, contact Josh Chambers at KAHS via jchambers@kasd.org.

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