Kutztown Area School District, along with the Kutztown Education Foundation, celebrated the grand opening of the new stadium on May 6.

Community members, alumni, faculty, students, and others came out to the high school to be a part of this special day.

The celebration, which began with the fourth annual Running of the Cougars 5K, featured music provided by the high school band and concert choir and performances by the Kutztown Indoor Association. There were also many games, activities, and informational booths from various clubs and organizations from both the school district and surrounding community.

Kutztown Superintendent George Fiore welcomed speakers from the school district, as well as from the KASD Education Foundation. School administrators such as Principal Barry Flicker, Assistant Principal Edward Myers, and Athletic Director Ed Yapsuga, kindly greeted people at the entrance of the stadium. Lynn Silan, daughter of famous Kutztown High School basketball coach John Silan, greeted people with a smile and passed out pamphlets for the dedication.

Fiore delivered the opening remarks, and stressed how proud he is of the community for creating a special place for students of the present, as well as the future.

“Today is truly about our community and our students. As I look to my right, I see the future of our community and our students. This facility is not only for today’s students but for our future students,” said Fiore. “For many generations to come, we will have students who run on this track, play soccer, football, field hockey, band, cheerleading, and the list goes on and on. This is for them.”

Fiore thanked members of the district’s Education Foundation, including former superintendents Brenda Winkler and Kathy Metrick, Education Foundation president Benjamin Haas, and members Lynn Silan and Bob Tortcolini.

Principal Flicker welcomd people to the new stadium and to “home,” as described by Flicker. He spoke on the history of the cinder track at Kutztown and how the idea of a new stadium came to fruition.

The stadium’s new track will be named for the late Timothy Breidegam, son of DeLight and Helen Breidegam.

“The generosity of Mr. Breidigam continued as he funded a fence around the perimeter of the stadium to add further stability to a growing complex,” Flicker stated. “The foundation for the stadium and track was paved by the accomplishments of those who have gone before us.”

Helen Breidegam was given the honor to cut the ribbon, officially dedicating the stadium.

Everyone who spoke touched upon and thanked community members and students of the past, who have according to Flicker, “laid the foundation for future students to enjoy this beautiful venue.”

The day concluded with attendees being able to tour the stadium grounds, interact with various student and community organizations, and watch future Cougars participate in athletic events.

The stadium will be open to the public from dusk to dawn everyday unless school is in session or the track and/or field are being used for athletic or school events.

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