Jess Licker

Jess Licker

Kutztown Community Library has a new summer series called Reading by Genre! Adults and older teens can join us to chat about books and broaden their reading horizons.

Kutztown University student, Jess Licker, came up with the idea as soon as she started interning at Kutztown Community Library. After working tirelessly for the majority of May, she has put together a series of meetings where participants can discuss and recommend books to each other.

The meetings will occur twice monthly with a theme for each month, along with theme-applicable snacks for attendees to enjoy.

In June the programs will be on June 20 and 27 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.; the theme is “I Can See the Future: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Surviving the Apocalypse.” This ranges from “The Handmaid’s Tale” to the Harry Potter series.

On June 20, Jess will be suggesting books related to the future and will have a list of titles from the library that fall under the month’s genres to take home. Patrons can also bring their own books that night to recommend attendees.

At the second June meeting, participants can discuss the books they have read and recommend them to others. Forms to review books for the Adult Summer Quest will also be available.

The theme for the July meetings on July 11 and 25 at the same times is “More Than Just Pictures: Graphic Novels, Movies, and Picturesque Descriptions worth a Thousand Words.” Titles can range from the award winning graphic novel “This One Summer” to William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet.” This also provides a chance for poetry lovers to share their favorites.

The theme for August is “Throwback Books: History and Literature,” which includes historical fiction and nonfiction. Think along the lines of Hesse’s “Stowaway” or “The Diary of Anne Frank.” Dates for August will be announced on the library’s website at

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