Show cars, classics cruise down Main Street, Kutztown

The annual Kutztown Kruizz on Main Street features show cars and classics and everything in between.

Kutztown Community Partnership has been proud to organize the annual Kutztown Kruizz each summer dating back to the Bicentennial celebration of Kutztown. After some negotiation with Kutztown Strong, Kutztown Community Partnership Board of Directors has voted to give up ownership in its entirety the Kruizz and turn the event over to Kutztown Strong.

Since Kutztown Strong is now its own non-profit organization, it no longer needs KCP as its legal fiscal sponsor. Knowing how much the annual Kruizz can help out the budget of a non-profit organization, KCP was happy to help Kutztown Strong in this way.

“We believe this will be a win-win for both organizations,” said KCP President Jerry Schearer, “Although we will lose this major fundraising event, this will allow KCP to focus on our other events and projects, as well as retail, housing, and community development. This will also allow Kutztown Strong to have an established, highly visible public event and fundraiser with the Kruizz.”

KCP has been a fiscal sponsor of Kutztown Strong since their beginning. This sponsorship has helped Kutztown Strong grow into its own non-profit organization. The Kruizz has given a portion of the profits to Kutztown Strong each year. In return, many Kutztown Strong volunteers have enlisted as KCP volunteers to support the Kruizz.

This successful event draws huge crowds of people to Kutztown and its business by providing a day of entertainment for Kutztown residents and families.

KCP thanks its many volunteers and sponsors who have helped with the Kruizz over the years and hope they will continue to support Kutztown Strong with the Kruizz. It has been a pleasure working with Kutztown Strong during this time of growth – including the growth of Kruizz.

KCP is proud of all that both organizations have accomplished in the past, and we have no doubt that both organizations will continue to be successful in the future.

KCP continues to have other annual events and welcomes volunteers and sponsors for events such as the Block Party, Dinner on Main, Christmas in Kutztown, and Kutztown Day.

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