Kutztown Borough Council denied a water usage request for a proposed Maxatawny Township warehouse at its virtual Oct. 20 meeting.

The Water and Wastewater Committee submitted a recommendation to Council to deny Duke Realty’s request for Kutztown Municipal Authority to supply 84,000 gallons per day for Duke’s proposed 272-acre warehouse project along Route 222 at Long Lane in Maxatawny.

Prior to Council’s meeting, Duke temporarily withdrew its request to Water and Wastewater in hopes of presenting new data to the committee.

Council member Ed Seyler motioned to table the vote but there was no second.

Kutztown resident Warren Shaub encouraged Council to deny Duke’s request for water supply, “The requests were overwhelming to deny this,” referring to the Environmental Advisory Commission, Planning Commission and Water & Wastewater recommending a denial.

Resident Nathan Lewis also recommended Council deny the water request.

Council member Zebulon Hull motioned to deny Duke’s request for KMA to supply water to the warehouse. Council President Kevin Snyder temporarily relinquished his chair to vice president Derek Mace in order to second the motion.

Council voted 5 to 1, approving the denial. Council member Amanda L. Raudenbush voted no; she wanted to table the vote.

Even though Council denied the request for water, Duke Realty can still submit a new request to Kutztown Municipal Authority in the future.

In other news, Council approved sending letters to DEP in opposition to New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc.’s DEP application to renew its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit to pump out of Kutztown Quarry and dump into the Saucony Creek 11.52 million gallons per day.

The EAC and Planning Commission provided Council with letters of opposition of New Enterprise renewing its NPDES permit that will be sent to DEP’s mining manager.

Water and Wastewater also requested Council submit their own letter to DEP to show their support of the EAC and Planning Commission opposition letters. Council approved this request and will send a third letter of opposition to DEP.

In other news, Kutztown Community Library Board President Cathy Ruhf gave the library board’s annual presentation to Council. This is the time of year that the library requests Kutztown Borough provide a monetary contribution toward the library’s operation.

“Thank you for another year of support and what a year it has been,” said Ruhf.

With ingenuity by library directory Janet Yost and the staff, Ruhf said staff were able to creatively continue to serve the community but the library closure to the public during the COVID-19 shutdown led to a significant decline in the library’s income and left a hole in its budget, said Ruhf.

“As always, we are so grateful that we can depend on the Borough of Kutztown as we partner to serve our community,” said Ruhf.

Elliott said the staff was a real resource for the community.

“I think it was really cool that the staff stayed connected with the community,” said Elliott.

“Yes, they were amazing,” said Ruhf.

“(The library) is an asset to have within our community within walking distance to everybody who lives here. I think it’s fantastic,” said Raudenbush, making a motion to approve the contribution, which was seconded by Elliott.

Council approved a contribution of $5,000 to be included in the 2021 budget. This is the same amount as the 2020 contribution, an increase from $3,000 in previous years.

“Thank you so much for your support over the years,” said Ruhf. “It’s a very valuable partnership that we have.”

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