Taylor Kutz

Kutztown Community Library's youth librarian, Taylor Kutz, pictured during storytime, received the Support Staff of the Year Award from the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania’s Library Association on May 17.

Kutztown Community Library’s youth librarian, Taylor Kutz, won the Support Staff of the Year Award from the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania’s Library Association for her stellar community changing work.

On May 17, Kutz attended the Lehigh Valley Chapter’s Library Association Annual Spring Conference with Kutztown Library Director Janet Yost and two other library staff.

Kutz was pleasantly surprised to find out that she had won the award this year.

“I had no idea that they were planning everything,” said Kutz. “It’s rewarding to know that my work is appreciated.”

In order to be a recipient of this award, library employees must exhibit leadership, initiative, creativity and a positive attitude when providing library services. Kutz had demonstrated all these qualities and more before even joining the team at Kutztown Community Library. She had been doing fantastic part-time library work and was recommended to Yost by a colleague who said, “You’ve got to hire Taylor Kutz. Her name is perfect for your library.”

Yost was open to the idea, seeing as Kutz’s degree in family studies gave her a variety of applicable skills that made her a great candidate for the youth services staff position.

They were correct in their assumptions because she’s a perfect fit.

Yost boasted about Kutz in her speech at the conference saying, “Taylor took our faltering youth program and turned it into a community gem.”

Kutz quickly became a vital part of the library and made her way into everyone’s hearts, becoming an indispensable asset to both Yost and the community.

Kutz doesn’t just plan and run the youth activities, she works tirelessly to put on events for everyone to enjoy, orders books and supplies, plans and leads the Summer Quest program, and so much more. Some of Taylor’s current work includes seeking grants for KCL’s pop-up libraries, street fairs, and school visits in conjunction with the library’s community outreach and getting ready for Summer Quest, which starts on June 10. Kutz also recruits, interviews, and manages a crew of volunteers to help with these busy events.

All the work she’s been doing convinced Yost to make the youth services position full time in 2017. Yost knew Kutztown Community Library would flourish the more Kutz was there, and she was right. The revitalized program continues to engage the youth who keep coming back to volunteer, participate and enjoy everything Kutz makes possible.

The community and other library staff couldn’t agree more in saying, “Taylor is the Kutz in Kutztown Community Library.”

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