Kutztown’s first woman mayor, Sandy Green, will not be running for re-election in the 2017 primaries on May 16. She has served three four-year terms during the past 12 years.

“First I want to say that I really enjoy serving as Mayor of Kutztown and will continue to serve this community until the end of my term,” Green told The Patriot via email. “Twelve years as Mayor has been exciting and rewarding; however, I am looking forward to some well deserved travel time with my husband, Martin and spending more time with my grandsons, Penn and Orson. I plan to stay very active with the various organizations that I am involved in and hope to remain as board member of Kutztown Community Partnership.”

Green said that some of the highlights of her time as Mayor include achieving Main Street status (Kutztown Community Partnership) with the PA Downtown Center and the Department of Community and Economic Development, economic growth in the Kutztown community, facade improvements within Kutztown’s business district, the many events taking place throughout the year, and the ongoing relationship building between the Borough of Kutztown and Kutztown University.

“We have many reasons to celebrate our small town charm, but the Bicentennial Celebration of the Borough of Kutztown was a grand affair,” said Green. “The Kutztown Bicentennial Committee, chaired by Craig Koller, and a host of local residents united in their efforts to make Kutztown’s 200th birthday a memorable celebration.”

Green said she was fortunate to serve on the board of the Pennsylvania Municipal League and the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust Board of Trustees (PLGIT).

“I have met and built relationships, both professional and personal, with PA Municipal League and PLGIT Board members from across the state. These friendships have enriched my life immensely, and I feel very privileged to know people with great passion for what they do,” she said.

“Working with “Kutztown’s Finest”, the Kutztown Police Department under the great leadership of Chief Craig Summers” is another one of the highlights of her service as mayor.

“Everyday our police department provides a valuable service to this community and I personally want to thank every officer of the Kutztown Police Department for providing the safety and quality of life they provide to every citizen of this great community,” she said.

She also appreciates the continued support and positive working relationship with Kutztown University administration, staff and students.

“It is important to identify common issues and approaches to solving problems and to identify opportunities associated with having a university in your town. Ongoing efforts, through regular meetings and shared planning with KU President Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson and myself, developed the joint Community Relations Advisory Board,” said Green. “Members of the joint “town and gown” advisory board have developed innovative collaborations for such shared concerns as quality of life, litter/recycling, student involvement, and other projects.”

Green hopes to leave behind her legacy of the strong relationships built between Kutztown University and the Borough of Kutztown.

“The borough and the university realize that planning and continued communications are the key factors in addressing both the opportunities and the challenges of the campus-community relationship,” said Green. “Continue to build trust and foster strong working relationships with stakeholders in your community. Strong relationships provide a foundation for a community’s success.”

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