The annual Kutztown Area School District STEAM Factory celebrated all things science, technology, engineering, art and math at the Middle School on Feb. 15.

Stations were innovative, engaging, and well received. They included Art Creation, Robotic Hand, Microscope Art, FFA, Collaborative Mosaic, 3D Pens, Greeting Card Die Cut, Augmented Sand Box, Virtual Reality, Music Mat, Maker Station, Sphero Challenge, Future City, Magnetic Trains, Calligraphy, Lego Challenge, and the Ball Throw Tunnel, scored by computer.

The great music of the Middle School jazz band and other student instrumentalists filled the air. Delicious refreshments were sold by the High School Life Skills class, along with teachers and a parent. The main attraction of the event was the 5th Grade Science Fair.

The 13th annual Science Fair saw 24 of the district’s 5th grade students become scientists to complete 14 projects. Every year the projects inform and amaze all who see them. These scientists worked on projects concerning crystal growth, slime, chemicals that may harm plants, the effects of acidic substances on rock, mold, and the effects of foods on physical performance. There was also an excellent display for a project testing the whitening power of different toothpastes.

Trophy winners in the individual category of the Science Fair were “Best Conditions for Plant Growth,” done by scientist Ryleigh Scholl, which earned first place, “Fruits in Action!” by scientist Cayden Ciccone, which earned second place, and the third-place trophy was earned by scientist Gavin Spaid, who researched the project, “What Materials Can Block a WiFi Signal?”

In the group category, the first-place trophy went to “Fantastic Fruit Batteries,” by Haven Fegely and Shannon Light. Second place was earned by “pH Perfect,” completed by scientists Lily Massie and Hannah Sherrer. The third-place trophy went to “Maglevs in Motion,” which was researched by Luke Keller and Jonathan Zay.

Dedicated, caring judges who volunteered their time and expertise to go over the projects with the scientists were Jeff Collier, Sue Neumann, Heidi Scarano, Roger Jeffery, Randy Schroeder, Nate Lewis, Jane Kniss, Noel Bond, and Bill Bergman.

Those who attended the STEAM Factory found the stations exciting and fun, the music inspiring, and the food and fellowship fulfilling.

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