Kutztown Area School District Superintendent George Fiore resigned effective mid-August to accept a new position as Executive Director of the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

“This decision came after a great deal of reflection with my family and colleagues, and, did not come quickly or easily,” Fiore posted June 14 on the district Facebook page. “Together, we have done remarkable work for the benefit of the students in the Kutztown Area School District over the last three years. Our school district has expanded opportunities for all students, increased student achievement, and created better futures for our students. This is a credit to our hardworking and forward-thinking staff. This is also a credit to the outstanding and talented students in our school district.”

Fiore submitted his resignation June 12, the same day CCIU approved his position.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as Superintendent of the Kutztown Area School District,” Fiore told Berks-Mont. “We have wonderfully talented educators that care about their students in so many ways. Our school board is committed to providing the best possible education that allows our children to be successful in their future endeavors. I thank our community for their support in our staff and myself to move Kutztown forward in which we have done outstanding work over the last three years.”

The impact Fiore hopes to have left behind includes that the Kutztown community, staff, and school board focus on continuous improvement for the betterment of Kutztown’s students.

“This has been our mission for the last three years and has propelled our students to be high performing and greater access to college and career opportunities.”

His fondest memories include reading with Kutztown’s elementary students, working with staff to improve instruction, the Cougar Pride Capital Campaign, and Kutztown’s annual commencement ceremony.

Fiore has serves as Kutztown superintendent since 2016. Previously, he served as high school principal for Wilson School District for four years. Prior to Wilson, Fiore was the founding headmaster of the Downingtown STEM Academy. His experience also includes nine years as a high school social studies teacher, dean of students, director of instructional technology, high school assistant principal and junior high school principal.

At CCIU, Fiore replaces Dr. Joseph O’Brien, who has headed the CCIU since 2007 and is credited with growing services and launching new initiatives that increased CCIU revenues by $120 million, as its overall annual budget grew from $150 million to $270 million. O’Brien is retiring from public education at the end of July.

“I am looking forward to serving the 86,000 plus students in the 12 school districts, non-public schools, and charter schools in Chester County with the highly talented team in the Chester County Intermediate Unit,” said Fiore.

“We are turning a new page, and going into a new era for the IU,” said CCIU Board President Bonnie Wolff in a CCIU release. “I am looking forward to working with Dr. Fiore, hearing about his plans for the future and his vision for the IU.”

“Going forward, it will be a team effort between Dr. Fiore and CCIU administrative leadership,” said Wolff. “I am confident the CCIU division directors will share their organizational knowledge with Dr. Fiore to ensure that his transition from superintendent to IU executive director is a smooth one with minimal disruption.”

Fiore, who will begin his duties as CCIU executive director on Aug. 12, said in the release, “I am equally excited to work alongside the wonderful team at the CCIU. Dr. O'Brien is a leader whom I have admired, and I look forward to continuing the great work he has done over the past 12 years.”

The Kutztown School District community responded to Fiore’s resignation.

“Dr. Fiore is the consummate servant leader,” said Kutztown Assistant Superintendent Christian Temchatin to describe Fiore’s style as a superintendent. “He develops a vision, communicates it to all, and ensures that he does whatever is needed to support everyone towards the ultimate goal. He leads with an energy and focus that is unmatched and inspires us all to be our best.”

“George has elevated our collective expectations for all students. He has focused us on ensuring that when our students leave us, they have all the tools, skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed to be successful in the workplace, post-secondary education, or military,” said Dr. Diane Quinn, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development.

“Dr. Fiore is one of those unique individuals who can cultivate consensus and catalyze individuals to reach their maximum potential. His strategic vision daily helped us become better leaders and his dedication was matched only by his compassionate leadership, always centered on individuals and student success. His model leadership and tireless efforts will certainly have lasting impressions on the lives he has positively impacted while in Kutztown,” said Dr. Scott Hand, Director of Educational Technology.

“Even though Dr. Fiore was only with us a few years, his impact will be long lasting,” said Shannon Sunday, Kutztown Area Middle School Music Teacher and Choral Director. “He was a visionary, whose main focus was to prepare the students of Kutztown Area School District for the future. His connections with local businesses and insight into education policies provided our staff and students with unique and meaningful opportunities. He loved spending time in the classroom with students and could be seen at many sporting events, music productions, and other after school activities. His presence and leadership will be greatly missed.”

Comments were posted on Facebook from community members, wishing Fiore the best of luck in his future endeavors, thanking him for doing a great job and for his willingness to listen to parents’ and students’ concerns. Many expressed that Fiore will be missed.

The School Board contacted the Berks County Intermediate Unit and requested that they immediately begin the superintendent search process. The position will be posted until July 3. Interviews are scheduled for the middle of July.


Lisa Mitchell is an editor for Berks-Mont Newspapers, covering news and events in the Northeast Berks County area.

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