An 18-year-old Hamburg resident set up a large holiday display to bring joy and happiness to the community.

Brock Adams’ display at 1 S. 6th St. Court, Hamburg features more than 55 Christmas inflatables in his front yard and lights hung all around his house.

“I hope to provide joy and happiness to the residents of Hamburg,” said Adams. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, happiness is in short supply this year and holiday lights can help spread joy and happiness.”

In mid-November, he set up the display, which takes about three days in good weather.

His favorite part is getting to set up each inflatable and bring joy to the people who pass by.

“People have been driving and walking by telling me how much they and their children enjoy my display.”

He enjoys watching the children’s faces light up when they see their favorite characters such as Spongebob or the Grinch.

“In these trying times, spreading joy is the least I can do for the community.”

Adams has been setting up a holiday display ever since age 4 when he received his first inflatable, the Bumble from Rudolph.

“As a child the Bumble was always my favorite character and getting him made me fall in love with inflatables and since then I have collected over 50 inflatables for Christmas ranging from many characters and genres.”

His collection includes Spongebob, Snoopy, Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, and, most importantly of all for him, the nativity scene.

“So far over the years the reaction I get from people is just happy, everyone who passed by tells me how much they and their children love my display and that they drive by every year,” said Adams. “In these trying times I hope to bring smiles to the faces of the people that drive by and bring joy to people and hopefully help them forget what is going on in the world.”

Anyone is welcome to drive by and take pictures at any time that the decorations are up.

“For me the passion is seeing the happy people drive by and most importantly to see the children's faces light up,” said Adams. “Every year kids walk by and say, ‘Hey, look Mom. It's Spongebob or Frosty or Rudolph.’ They get so excited to see their favorite characters in my front yard.”

Adams always loved Christmas and everything about it.

“The happiest time of the year describes Christmas for me perfectly because I am always happiest during the Christmas season,” said Adams.

His aunt, Susan Leiby, of Hamburg, would take him for drives on December nights to see Christmas decorations when he was a toddler.

“He seemed to enjoy seeing lights, but would get very excited when he saw inflatables in a yard,” she said.

At that time, there were not as many inflatables to be seen, so when he spied one, she would stop the car for a bit so he could fully enjoy watching it.

“This passion still exists for him. To this day when I ask for a birthday or Christmas list, I can be assured that some inflatable ideas will be on it,” said Leiby.

While his Christmas display is by far the biggest, he also sets up inflatables for Halloween and Thanksgiving. She noted that putting up the display takes a lot of time and work including planning the layout of the display which changes every year as he gets additions to his collection.

“Reaction to the display has been very enthusiastic. It’s really fun to watch the eyes of children light up as they view it. It helps that it contains inflatables of so many different characters that children can identify with,” said Leiby.

People are asked to view the display from the street because there are many electric cords and stabilizing wires holding the inflatables in place. Since this is in a cul-de-sac with limited traffic, standing on the street near the curb is quite safe. 

Display is not lit when windy due to high probability of damage to the inflatables.

“Brock's overriding goal for this display is just to bring joy to those who view it. He said that this year in particular, he just hopes it brings joy and some normalcy to the children and adults who come to view it,” she said. “He's someone who has always had a soft spot in his heart for children and doing this for them brings him joy, too.”

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