Southern New Hampshire University made a surprise diploma delivery to a Lenhartsville husband and father of three, Christopher Kauffman, in July 22, with the help of his employer, Buckeye Partners in the Lehigh Valley.

Kauffman, an online business student from Lenhartsville, was transported to the hospital in March after his vehicle hit a bridge abutment and flipped over. His injuries were non-life threatening, but severe enough to land him in the Trauma Unit and Intensive Care. Despite his challenges, Kauffman continued working on his last course while recovering from the accident.

Kauffman says he can’t take all the credit, as his wife and three children were very supportive of his quest for this degree. Knowing how hard Kauffman worked on his program, his team at Buckeye Partners wanted to do something special for him and reached out to the University for help.

To celebrate his accomplishment, SNHU’s President of Global Campus traveled to Pennsylvania to surprise Kauffman with his diploma and a graduation party.

“We’re so proud of Chris especially after everything he went through this year,” said Tim Ernst, Director, Project Feasibility, Buckeye Partners. “This degree will help propel him to the next phase of his career and we are so happy we could celebrate his accomplishment with SNHU today.”

Kauffman got the surprise of a lifetime and a chance to have his shining moment in his cap and gown with his entire team and family there to celebrate.

“It means so much to me that everyone from my team and my family were here to celebrate today. I really wasn’t expecting it,” said Kauffman. “Going back to get my degree was something that I always wanted to do and I promised my mom I would do. It took quite a while but I did it.”

Kauffman is a Project Specialist for the Project Development and Feasibility Engineering team at Buckeye Partners. Hes says that he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Studies and Business Administration online with SNHU to advance his career. He hopes to go on to pursue his master’s degree next.

“We’re thrilled to be in Pennsylvania to deliver a diploma to an extraordinary SNHU graduate and Buckeye Partners employee, Christopher Kauffman,” said Greg Fowler, President of Global Campus, SNHU. “Chris has worked hard on his program for the past couple of years and through true perseverance and grit, finished up his last course while recovering from his accident. He truly is the epitome of what it means to be a Penmen.”

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