To the editor:Upon arriving home from my weeklong silent retreat I was so happy to see my poem, "See the Gifts," in the paper.

What a great celebration of life, and my hopes are that the words help others to shift their thoughts and value the richness of a simple smile. Thank you for being a paper receptive and open to diversity of words, thoughts and actions and willing to listen to our voices.

In this time of uncertainty, challenge, loss of jobs, and change, I offered my poem as a beacon of hope and light to see the gifts right in front of us, value them and refocus our priorities.

Let's ask ourselves, "What is really important?" and give gratitude for the true gifts.

My gratitude to the Hellertown/Lower Saucon community exceeds what words can express and extends to so many people that there are not enough pages in this publication. However, if you are reading this please know that you are my gift for which I am grateful.

May we all be blessed within ourselves with peace of the body, mind, soul and spirit and then share it with others.

Shelley Goldberg

Lower Saucon Township

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