Dear editor, Article 1, Section 2 of the Pennsylvania Constitution says that we the people have the right to abolish the government in any way we want.The Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary all maintain, unconstitutional and destructive, property and other taxes that should have been eliminated decades ago.

Many members of the Legislature committed criminal acts while in office.

The Executive and the Legislature officially made Voter Fraud the Law of the Land.

On Labor Day, we should march on Harrisburg; take over the Capitol; abolish the government, and put the politicians out on the street, having the State Police make sure they do not enter any State property. We should have all the news media record this for posterity, and as a reminder for all subsequent politicians.

This would allow us the people to provide comments and to vote on the "Peoples Constitutional Convention", not the politicians.

This would let us elect an Executive that knows that Voter Fraud should be eliminated, not entrenched.

This would let us elect a new Legislature, of which no members may be lawyers, which would not allow unconstitutional taxes and laws to exist.

This would let us elect new judges that can read and understand the Constitution, and will know that unconstitutional taxes and laws must be immediately eliminated.

-Ronald Shultz, Reading,

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