Frank Levering announced he is running for Wyomissing Borough Council Municipal government.Levering is an incumbent and has been serving the borough since 1993.

Three incumbents and two challengers are on the ballot for the municipal government race.

The incumbent said he is running again because there is much to be done and he has over 10 years experience on council. "We create a list of thing to be done and then we look at the budget. We have 100-year-old sewer system, pipes, and streets. They need attention," said Levering.

Levering plans to continue to improve the borough while keeping the taxes reasonable.

"The borough has never been in debt. We pay as we go," said the incumbent.

One project in the works is utilizing the Schuylkill Valley Metro to connect Wyomissing to Reading and then to Philadelphia. In addition, the plans are rolling for the creation of around 200 new apartments above Viva and the creation of a Marriott Hotel.

While Levering has been in office and has live in the borough he has seen the creation of the 300 acre Wyomissing park addition, the merging of Wyomissing and Wyomissing Hills, and the creation of the Emergency Management Project, which incorporates the boroughs of Wyomissing, West Reading, Spring Township, and Sinking Spring.

"In the age that we live in, post 9-11, we are seeing more systems working together. It makes a great deal of sense," said Levering.

Although Wyomissing has made great strides Levering said that "tradition is what makes Wyomissing what it is." He added that Wyomissing does have to be focused on a vision for the future.

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