REG-RE Thanksgiving winner 2213

Eleanor Billig of Boyertown is the winner of MediaNews Group's $1,000 ThanksGIVE-AWAY random drawing.

Eleanor Billig was ecstatic when she learned she had won a $1,000 cash prize in MediaNews Group's "ThanksGIVE-AWAY" drawing.

“I am going to use the money to go toward the costs of a hearing aid,” she said. “I am so happy.”

Billig said the hearing aids cost $1,269. 

Billig, 89, lives in a one-bedroom apartment at the Walnut Woods retirement community in Boyertown.

Due to the coronavirus, she eats her meals alone, instead of going to a cafeteria. Billig said her daughter, Jean Clark, brought the Reading Eagle to her home on Thanksgiving.

She immediately saw the contest forms in the newspaper and determined the trick to winning the random drawing was to send the entry forms at the end of the contest so they would be on top of the drawing bag. The forms were due by Dec. 7.

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