It may have been a day similar to the first Thanksgiving on the bocce ball courts in Honey Brook Borough on Saturday, November 5. Beautiful fall colors and a bright sunny sky welcomed the players to the annual Turkey Tournament. The overall theme was a spirit of thanksgiving for the blessings we receive and the fellowship that has grown over the years among this group of avid bocce ball enthusiasts.

Teams were named for something that related to Thanksgiving. After some of the keenest competition seen in recent games, The Pilgrims landed in third place. In a tense final game, the Bow Trees crunched the Mixed Nuts for first place. Trophies with turkeys on the top were given to the top three teams. A Thanksgiving Feast was held at mid-day, and some people used the bountiful spread as a possible excuse for not being able to bend over as easily as during the morning games. But teams already eliminated sat smiling while eating a lot of extra pie.

The games start up again next May and anyone interested can contact the Honey Brook Borough for the dates and how to sign up with a team of 4.

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