Three new college grads who have been friends since preschool were honored by a parade of emergency vehicles, friends and families on Saturday in Exeter Township.

They were Jacob Smith, 21, who graduating from St. Joseph’s University with a degree in accounting/personal Finance; Christian Lellig, 22, with a nursing degree from LaSalle University; and Ryan Malone, 22, with a degree in communications from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, according to Smith's mother, Melanie.

"It's just been an emotional day," Melanie Smith said later Saturday.

About two dozen vehicles passed by the house, she added, led by a firetruck from the township.

"The boys genuinely love one another," the mother said."The fact that they went to different colleges and still visited each other, I think they will be lifelong friends.

"I wanted to give these boys the world since so much has been taken away from them," Melanie Smith added, meaning their final months of college and respective in-person graduation cermonies.

She said the family watched a livestream of commencement from St Joseph's on Saturday morning.

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