We as human beings need companionship. We need to matter. That is life.

What if you had a chance to live on another planet. Would you do it? Even if it meant leaving your family and friends behind and then being put to sleep for many years? Would you step into the future? Chart a new course? Sacrifice ever being again with the people you once loved?

Sure it sounds exciting. Tempting. But what if something goes wrong on the ship? And you — you alone were woken up 90 years too early?

When Jim’s capsule opens, he wakes to find himself surrounded by 5,000 sleeping passengers. He is horrified to find out he is alone. Sure, the ship is made for comfort. Food is plentiful. Swimming and recreation are ample. There is even a feisty bartender to chat with — only he’s a robot.

Jim toughs it out for a year. He wanders around the passenger pods, trying to figure out a way to put himself back to sleep. But to no avail. That’s when he notices the beautiful, Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). With loneliness eating him alive, he begins to think of the unthinkable. Wake her up. For days he struggles with the idea. And then he does it. He wakes her. Then tells the lie — her pod has malfunctioned.

With her emotions in turmoil, Aurora follows Jim’s (Chris Pratt) earlier path — trying to find a way to put herself back to sleep. Finally, she resigns herself to fate. As she and Jim draw closer, the truth is revealed. Everything turns sour.

As things get dicey between the couple, they discover a problem with the ship. Lives are at stake and it’s up to them to find a solution.

“PASSENGERS” explores basic human needs — not only to survive but to love. It makes one wonder what they would do in a similar situation. This movie was enjoyable from start to finish. It was entertaining and thought- provoking.

“Passengers” is highly recommended.

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