Mrs. Mitchell’s 2nd grade class shares holiday traditions

Mrs. Mitchell’s 2nd grade class at Colebrookdale Elementary.

Christmas Tree by Elijah Cartwright: Decorating the Christmas tree with my mom, brothers, and sisters is my favorite holiday tradition! My mom always puts up the Christmas tree. Then, we decorate the Christmas tree. There are 50 ornaments! We put all of them on the tree because our Christmas tree is big enough. My mom puts on the star. We made our own little tree and we made our own ornaments. After the tree is decorated, we each have one candy cane. It tastes like strawberry and blueberry mixed together. I like this holiday tradition because we all have our own ornaments to put on the Christmas tree.

Baking Cookies by Myah Benner: Baking cookies with my mom is my favorite holiday tradition! My favorite cookie that we make is the peanut butter and Hershey Kiss cookie. First, we mix all the ingredients together. I get to help my mom do that. Next we roll the dough into round balls. That is my favorite part! After that I get to unwrap all the Hershey Kisses. Sometimes when I ask my mom she lets me eat a Hershey Kiss! Finally, we put a Hershey Kiss on the top! They smell so good when they are baking! We also make chocolate chip cookies! We stuff the cookie dough with chocolate chips. I love baking chocolate chip cookies because it is so much fun! When they come out of the oven they are really soft. The chocolate chips melt just when they come out of the oven and sometimes when I eat one or two the melted chocolate chips gets all over my fingers! But if they stay in the oven for a little too long, they start to get hard! They are very easy to bake. Finally, we decide which cookies we will leave out for Santa. We make sure Santa gets his cookies and milk, and his reindeer get carrots on Christmas Eve. I love baking cookies with my mom!

Decorating the Christmas Tree by Marcell Benzenhafer: I love to decorate the Christmas tree with my mom and Grandma. It is fun! We do it every year. I put my ornaments on the left side of the tree and we also play music. We light the candles. It is exciting! We have a tree outside. We decorate it, too. I like to put red and green ornaments and lights on the tree outside. I also have a smaller christmas tree in my room. Decorating trees is my favorite thing of the year!

Watching Christmas Movies by Alexa Phipps: My favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with my family watching Christmas movies! Before the movie my sister, Anna, my mom and I make popcorn and cupcakes. I pick out chocolate for the cupcakes! My favorite part of making the cupcakes is licking the batter! Then Anna and I get to put chocolate icing on the top of the cupcakes. Mommy butters the popcorn. Then Mommy puts the Nickelodeon Channel on so we can watch the Christmas movie, Tiny Christmas. We all sit down to watch it together. We have so much fun laughing at the funny parts! My favorite part of the movie is when the whole room fills up with milk. It is so funny! After the movie is over, we take the rest of the cupcakes to my dad’s house. My Meme and Poppy are there too. My dad gets the cupcakes out that we made earlier and puts them on a plate. Meme and Poppy make the popcorn. Anna puts on the movie, The Grinch. We all sit down and watch it together. We have a lot fun! My favorite part of the movie Is when the Grinch gets crushed by a monkey. I LOVE watching both movies with my family! I can’t wait to do it again this year!

Gift Shopping by Braydon Brown: My favorite tradition is to go Christmas shopping! I like going Christmas shopping because I like getting presents for my family. Also my family likes it to! I wish Christmas was closer. We usually go Christmas shopping in December. I usually go shopping with my mom and Grandpop. Sometimes my brother, Anthony goes with us too. It sometimes takes us the whole day.We usually shop at Target and Walmart for our presents. We get up early in the morning so we can get all the presents. I like shopping for my mom, Grand-pop, Grand-mom, and Anthony. My family normally gets me a lot of presents, and I like it! That is what my favorite holiday tradition for Christmas! I hope you have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Pollyanna by Karalyn Bibic: Every year I go to the pollyanna that is my favorite holiday tradition! The pollyanana is at a church. My mommy and I drive to the pollyanna every year. It is always on a Saturday and it starts at 2:30. It takes my mommy one hour to get to the pollyanna. My aunts,uncles and cousins go to the pollyanna too. We have fun together! My aunt is going to teach me to play the piano at the pollyanna it is on December 9. It is so much fun! When we get the church there is time to play with my cousins. Then we get to see Santa .We get to sit on Santa’s lap and get to take a picture with him. We get presents from Santa too! When Santa leaves, my cousins and I go back to playing. We play Ghost In the Graveyard and tag. I am “It” every year. I love to play those games! After that, we all eat dinner together. Then we eat dessert, I like to eat ice cream and cookies for dessert. Finally, it is time to go home. I kind of feel sad about leaving, because I have so much fun playing with my family.But I know that I will go to the Pollyanna again next year. I can’t wait to go again!

Shopping for Christmas Gifts by Khloe Dotterer: Shopping for Christmas gifts for my family is my favorite holiday tradition! Before Christmas I do a lot of shopping. First, I go with my mom to the store. We pick a present for my dad, my nanny, and my pop pop. My mom helps me pick a present for my mum mum. She likes candles and hand soap. My dad likes coffee cups. I got him one last year. Nanny likes water bottles for the winter to keep things hot. Pop pop likes new coffee mugs. On another day my dad and I go to the store. We pick a present out for my mom. We get her scented candles. I pick the scents. I normally pick cinnamon, vanilla. The cinnamon is my favorite! We also pick out a scarf,and a coffee mug. Then I go shopping for relatives. My great grandmum likes thread to sew quilts and American Girl doll clothes. I like when she makes clothes for my dolls. She is really good at it. My old nanny likes Christmas sweaters, slippers, fuzzy blankets, and candles. I also get to pick a present out for my friends. I like picking out the presents and I also like to give them their presents. It makes me happy! I love shopping for gifts! After dinner I get to give my family their presents, we all open the presents at the same time. I love shopping for gifts! I can’t wait for Christmas!

My Favorite Holiday Tradition by Nathaniel Rivera: Traveling to New York City is my favorite holiday tradition! I love to go on a holiday trip! I am going with my grandpa, mom, dad, and my sister. I can’t wait for Christmas to go see the big tree of ornaments in New York City. The ornaments are pink, red and different Christmas colors. The star at the top of the tree is huge and bright! We usually go to look around the city and then we see the tree. After we see the tree, we look around some more. We go to different stores in the city. I love to go to see the big tree with my family!

Baking Cookies by James Wyatt: Baking cookies is my favorite holiday tradition! I like baking cookies with my mom, and my sister, Emma. We make sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal and peanut butter cookies. My favorite cookie to eat is chocolate chip. My favorite one to make is of course sugar cookies. My mom gets everything ready for us to do the baking. My mom and Emma start mixing all the ingredients together in the bowl. Then it is time to roll out the cookie dough. My mom lets me help with that job sometimes. Next it’s time to use the cookie cutters. My favorite ones are the star and the gingerbread man. It is fun pressing the cookie cutter into the cookie dough. Sometimes the dough gets stuck in the cookie cutter and my mom needs to help me get it out. I like decorating them the best! I use little candies. It is a lot of fun! Then they are ready to go in the oven. When the cookies are baking we make the second set of cookies. Then when the first set of cookies are done, we put the second set of cookies in the oven. We put the first set on a tray to cool. We make many more cookies. When all the cookies are cool we put them in containers. On Christmas Eve we put cookies on a plate for Santa. Finally, we get to eat the rest of the cookies. They taste good!

Decorating The Tree by Alyx Isaacson: Decorating the Christmas tree with my mom and my dad is my favorite holiday tradition! First, Dad has to go to the attic and get the tree. Then, Mom and Dad put it together and add the lights. It stands in the one corner in our living room. It is taller than my dad, it almost reaches the ceiling! We all work together hanging the ornaments on the tree. My favorite ornament is an angel ornament that I made at Christmas Town, this year. It is passed Rita’s near the train station. I hung it on the side of the tree so I can see it when I watch tv. We also hang candy canes on the tree. My favorite part of decorating the tree is putting on the ornaments because it makes the tree look so beautiful! My favorite lights are the colored lights. Maybe, next year we can put colored lights on the tree. Dad puts the star on the top of the tree, because he is the only one tall enough to reach the top. Next, we have a train that we put under the tree. It even blows real smoke when we turn it on! As we decorate the tree we watch Christmas movies and sing Christmas songs. Finally, Dad sets up the camera, and takes a picture of us standing in front of the tree. We all smile for the picture. I love to decorate the Christmas tree!

Train Ride by Jocelyn Strachko: My favorite holiday tradition is going on the train ride in Boyertown with my family. My family has done this for two years. My family loves it! I’m so happy that my family chose to go on the train. When we arrive at the train station, we get our tickets so we can ride the train. Then Santa gives everyone a flower as we get on the train. Next the engine pulls the train cars out of the station. The conductor tells us all about the trip. We get to eat cookies on the train! I love the chocolate chips cookies! We also get to sip on some hot chocolate with marshmallows, Yummy! We even get to sing Christmas songs. Then the elves hand out candy canes. We also get to sit next to Santa and tell him what we would like for Christmas. Then he gives us a present. When we pull back into the station we get off the train and get our picture taken with Santa. Getting a present from Santa is my favorite part of the train ride! It is so much fun! I hope we do it every year!

Shopping for Christmas Presents by Izzy Boyle: Shopping for Christmas presents is my family’s favorite holiday tradition. First, we go to our meeting place.This year it was at my Aunt Erin’s house. It is usually at my pop-pops house. It was my Aunt Erin’s first time coming with us! After that we go to Costco and Walmart and some other stores. My pop-pop, two aunts, Mom and I do all that together. At some point we go out to lunch. We always go to Friendly’s, but this year we went to the American Diner. It was even better than Friendly’s because I got to pick a desert for my brother and I to share. I chose a slice of peanut butter cake. I loved it! My daddy and my brother, Luke, do something... together too.But... sometimes they also go shopping for Christmas presents. My favorite part of shopping for presents is picking out a present for my brother. It is so much fun shopping! I love my family’s holiday tradition! It is so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Finding My Elf by Jesse Nagel: My favorite Christmas tradition is finding my Elf on the Shelf! I got him about two years ago. I am not really sure how he arrived at my house. I woke up that morning and he was in my old house. He was sitting on the coat rack next to the front door. I didn’t even know he was there until I sat down on the couch and he caught my eye! He was sitting on a book that was all about him. I was shocked to see him sitting there. I couldn’t reach it, but my mom was sitting next to me and she had my dad get the grabbers because you can not touch the Elf. Then my dad put him on the counter. We grabbed the book and we read it . It was a good book, well at least I liked it. My dad thought it was weird but I got him to like it. When he hides I find him. Once he was hanging on the lamp! It scared my dad, but I thought it was funny. I will never forget that. On November 26 I couldn’t find him. He was on a shelf over my washer and dryer. I was surprised. On December 6 my elf was in between my knives. Yes knives, but he was fine somehow. The next day he was going to put a movie in our cd player but he did not have enough time to. He is getting in a lot of trouble all of the time. That stinker is so funny. Once he was in the tree with red lights around him. Today, December 18th he was riding our vacuum. My energetic elf’s name is Larry. I have a lot of fun finding him every year.

Setting up the Tree by Anna Thorpe: Setting up the tree with my mom and my sister is my favorite holiday tradition! First my mom gets out the tree so we can decorate it. Next, my sister, Kendall gets the lights and the angel out of the storage shed. Then, my mom puts the lights on the tree. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like putting the light’s on the tree it is very pickery! After that, she gets out the ornaments for us to start decorating the tree. My favorite ornament is the one that has Santa Claus standing up inside the ornament! I put it on the front of the tree so I can see it every time I walk past it. I’m pretty sure Kendall likes the all green one’s because her favorite color green. There are two boxes of ornaments that we get to put on the tree. So we keep working until all the other ornaments are on the tree. There are blue, red, green, and silver ornaments. We usually put candy canes on the tree. They are mostly red and white candy canes. Kendall has a ornament that she made at her friends house. That she hangs on the tree. I hope I get to make one just like Kendall’s. I would make it a blue ornament because my favorite color is blue! I like putting the blue ornaments on the tree. Guess why? I love decorating the tree!! The reason I like decorating the tree is because we all have fun together!

Putting Up Snowman by Jaxon Delo: Putting up a snowman with my dad is my favorite holiday tradition! We put it up for my great grandma. We have been doing it since she has passed away. We put up the snowman so we can remember her. She gave us the snowman when I was younger. It is a very important tradition. When we put it up it makes me happy because I get to think about the time she gave it to us. My dad and I drive to the storage place near our old house. We put the snowman in the front yard. The snowman is taller than me but not taller than my dad. We put it in the middle of the four other blow up characters. It has two eyes that look like coal and it has a big smile. It has three buttons down the front. I call it Grandma’s snowman. It makes us all smile when we look at it! I love that Christmas tradition!

Decorating the Christmas Tree by Jerald Rose: I love decorating the tree with my mommy and my brother, Joey! We go to random places to get our Christmas tree. Then we go to our house. Daddy shaves the bottom of the tree a little bit so it fits in the tree stand. Then, we cut the wrapping off. Daddy puts up the tree in the middle of our basement. My dad has the job of putting the lights on the tree. It’s not a fun job to put the lights on the Christmas tree. They are normal lights not colored lights.I wish we had colored lights.Then, just my mom, Joey, and I decorate the Christmas tree. My daddy just watches tv and “supervises” us. We also put on candy canes. In 2017, we got flavored candy canes from Uncle John, so we hung those on the tree. Maybe it will happen again in 2018. I like those the best! All the other years that I remember, we used normal candy canes. On to the ornaments. Mommy gets the ornaments. My favorite ornament is the one I made during our first grade party! I named my ornament, if you didn’t know. His name is, Mr.Snowman D Zak. I put him on the bottom of the tree. Sometimes mommy tells me to put him on the top of the the tree. Either Mommy or Daddy put the angel on the top of the tree. Her skirt glows because there are lights underneath! Once we finish decorating the tree, I like to test the lights by turning the basement lights off. I think it is very cool watching the Christmas tree lights twinkle and shine. Last, we usually sing to the Christmas tree. We sing O Christmas Tree, but last year we did not sing because we ran out of time. I LOVE to decorate the Christmas tree!

Decorating the Tree by Brody Malmberg: My favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree. My dad gets the tree and sometimes my brother Brock and I get to go along. We put it in my dad’s living room. My brother and I get to decorate the bottom and the middle parts of the tree. We can’t reach the top that is why me and Brock do the bottom and not the top. My favorite ornament is the one I made at daycare, it is a snowman. Brock and I also put candy canes on the tree it is fun! My dad said the tree is about eighteen feet tall it is way taller than my dad.

I also get to help decorate a real tree at my mom’s house. We put the tree in the corner of the living room. Brock and I help my mom decorate it. Brock helps my mom put the lights on the tree. Then we all work together to put on the ornaments. My favorite ornament at my mom’s house is the reindeer that I made at daycare. This year we put an angel at the top of the tree. My mom usually puts the angel at the top because she is the tallest. Next year Brock might be the tallest! Maybe he will get to put the angel on the top of the tree. One of the traditions at my mom’s house is to hide a pickle in the tree. We think it is fun to look around and try to find it. I hope I find it first this year!

Baking Cookies for Santa by Eve Lutz: I make christmas cookies with my mom. My favorite kind of cookie is chocolate. First, we go to the store and we get the ingredients. Then, we make the cookies. Next, we bake the cookies. We get different colors of icing and decorate them by putting hearts and swirls on them. We grab three of them and put them on a plate for Santa. I like to make cookies. It is fun! I like this tradition!

Baking Cookies for Santa by Jasmine Hartford: Baking cookies for Santa is my favorite holiday tradition! My mom, my brother, Kolton and I make the cookies for Santa. We make cookie cutter cookies and chocolate chip cookies. My favorite kind to eat is chocolate chip because I love chocolate! But my favorite kind to make is the cookie cutter cookies. We all have jobs. My brother gets the ingredients. My mom puts the ingredients into the bowl. I mix the cookie dough. Once the cookies come out of the oven and cool down we get to do the fun part. We get to put white, red, and green icing on some of the cookies. All three of us put the icing on the cookies. On Christmas Eve we make a special plate of cookies for Santa. Kolton and I pick what cookies go on the plate. I always pick chocolate chip. We also put out some milk for Santa. My mom pours the milk into my special bear mug. We put the milk and cookies on our kitchen table. My brother and I also put carrots out for the reindeer next to the cookies. They need a snack too. That is my favorite tradition! I can’t wait to do it again this year!

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