Nearly 500 children and adults joined some Easter fun at Longswamp Park in Mertztown for the Longswamp Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 27.

Sponsored by the Jarett Yoder Foundation, Longswamp Park and Recreation Committee hosted its annual Easter Egg Hunt from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for all ages, babies to adults.

Leann Sacks of the Longswamp Park and Recreation Committee said this is an important tradition to continue because it gets people together.

“What made this event fun was the Easter Bunny and getting to be with other people in our community. The Easter Egg Hunt was for all ages,” Sacks said.

The event saw 492 children and adults register to participate in hunting eggs, win prizes, enjoy free food and receive free pictures with the Easter Bunny, all while social distancing and wearing masks.

Changes made to the annual event to follow COVID-19 guidelines included wearing masks, hand sanitizer stations, social distancing and taking temperatures, said Sacks.

“Everyone needed this and it was very nice,” said Joyce West of Topton.

“Fantastic. Great job,” said Fred Snell of Mertztown. “(It’s an) honor to have people in the community to give their time — more love less hate. We need more of this kind of stuff.”

“It was a lot fun!” said Sean Wiltrout.

Tyrene Christman of Mertztown said the event provided the community “a family environment with everyone getting outside.”

The Jarett Yoder Foundation, a non-profit based in Mertztown that helps veterans and first responders in need, sponsored the Easter Egg Hunt event.

“We believe in heavily community involvement and helping those in need. We always offer food at our events because a lot of families are struggling with food insecurities and families would not be able to celebrate holidays if events like this do not take place. We’re all in this together!” said Jarett Yoder Foundation President and CEO Diane Yoder of Rockland Township.

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