Nearly 4,000 policyholder members joined with Lancaster County-based Goodville Mutual to donate over $210,000 in support of food banks, first responders, health professionals, and international organizations responding to COVID-19 through the company’s Safe@home program (

The Safe@home program was created by Goodville after leaders in the company recognized that people were driving less as a result of stay-at-home orders. The Lancaster County-based mutual insurance company issued its auto insurance policyholders a 15% Safe@home credit on April and May auto premiums for a total of $1.75 million in policyholder relief. In addition, members were given the option to donate their credit to front line COVID-19 responders in the eight states Goodville members live or internationally.

"We wanted to do more than just recognize the change in driving habits of our members, so we looked for ways where we can make a bigger impact in helping those who are truly struggling through this pandemic and those who will be finding it tough when life starts to get back to 'normal', said Goodville Mutual President and CEO David Gautsche.

“We are very proud of this approach and see this as an opportunity to demonstrate compassion and to reinforce that we are guided by the values of love, justice, and integrity included in our mission statement."

A remarkable number of Goodville members chose to donate. A total of 3,957 credits were donated by members resulting in $110,362.00 in credits donated, all of which will be distributed to food banks, first responders, and health professionals, as well as international charities providing COVID-19 relief. Goodville will fulfill its commitment to match those donations up to $100,000 to double the impact of its members’ donations.

“We want to express our appreciation to our members who chose to donate their Safe@home credit to a selected charity,” Gautsche said. “The generosity and thoughtfulness of our members isn’t a surprise but is most appreciated and will provide some much-needed relief to organizations stretched thin by the pandemic.”

Members who chose to donate their credit could direct their donation to the category of their choice. Forty-eight percent chose regional food banks, 26 percent chose a ‘where needed most’ category, 21 percent selected first responders and five percent directed their credit toward international relief.

Goodville will distribute the funds in June to regional food banks, first responders, and health care professionals commensurate with the states in which contributing members reside. They will work with the Mennonite Central Committee to direct funds to international communities in need. The company will provide a detailed list of the charities selected in July 2020.

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