While students were relishing every minute of their summer vacation, schools were preparing for their return.Brandywine Heights and Kutztown Area school districts have new superintendents to lead them through what promises to be an inspiring school year.

Kutztown Superintendent Dr. Robert Gross III finds the schools curriculum up to date and on the move.

"I'm hoping to achieve the next level of technology and integration. To have professional growth in place, staff development and training," he said.

Gross is looking at career pathways to provide for the students not college bound.

"There is a niche for everyone from apprentice to geophysicist," he said.

Gross wants to se the curricular offerings maintain a strong foothold in standard based education required by the state, but incorporate global life.

"The best of traditional, solid education but agile enough to incorporate technology, agriculture and arts," he said. "We need to be able to access and apply information and manipulate technology to get to where we need to be. To prepare students for entry into society."

Gross has a background in music and is a fan of field hockey. Also, he has a passion for reading and hopes to form a book club that everyone could share an interest.

"I'm here for the students. I'm very approachable and just a big kid," Gross said.

Brandywine Heights Superintendent Dr. Martin D. Handler comes from a military background in the Air Force. He taught English as a second language for the Air Force in Vietnam.

"It was interesting work. We weren't supposed to speak any Vietnamese. We had six months to get the Vietnamese ready," he said.

For the past 27 years, Handler has been a New York state certified emergency medical technician.

"I just received my Pennsylvania certification as an EMT. I'm still a member of the Jefferson First Aid Squad, and I am looking forward to getting involved around here," Handler said.

He has always worked for rural districts.

"That was one of things that attracted me to Brandywine. They have an excellent curriculum. I felt it was a good fit," he said.

Handler is devoted to his work with the students.

"I plan on being at their concerts, their games, their activities. I am there for them."

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