Her family was not even there. In the end she lost. I won what I set out to do touch others in Christ." In reaching out to others, Erin has started a charity, Crown of Hope and Pageants of Courage with Childrens Hopsital of Philadelphia. Her charity has grown to be nation wide.Sessions of fashion, facials, tips, and hairstyling and nails taught the girls how to bring out their own beauty without being revealing or excessive. Amanda Shap and Erin Meitzler used magazine ads as an example for fashion dos and don'ts. They demonstrated using their hand against their clavical as a guide to judge if a shirt is cut too low. "The girls are taking the information in. We let them know that we're not criticizing them. We're here to help," said Shap.

Sammy Wolf, age 13 of Oley, learned valuable tips about makeup. "Nail polish will stay fresh in the fridge and to put eyeliner in the fridge a half hour before use. I learned how to manage my skin better," Wolf said. Her sister Jessica Wolf, age 15, said, "I learned to have people see me more naturally. What the best type of makeup is and how to keep my curls."

Ramona Wolf, mother of Sammy and Jessica, said, "It's a wonderful experience to expand friendship. It helps build self esteem that God is watching over them. Positive role models as a part of being a teenage girl is important to have and this provides that opportunity. There are at least three different school districts here giving the girls a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends outside of their own school."

"I learned that I'm not supposed to wear square sunglasses and what color makeup looks best with my skin. I also learned how to crimp and curl my hair to look more natural-a natural beauty. It's a good time with girls and to meet new ones," said Megan Leavitt, age 18 of Bally.

Jessica Keck, age 12 of New Jerusalem, said, "This taught me how to care for my skin and how people respect you better especially with boys. It's cool!"

"I'm not someone who wants to be exposed," said Leah Grafe, age 11 of Fleetwood. "I learned how to check if your clothes are not modest and to dress better," Grafe said.

Stephanie Good, one of the leaders who helped to organize this event, spoke of her daughter, Brittany, who had also joined the days events. "It's a joy to see her and her friends come and be a part of this and to have her work alongside me as mother and daughter. She is a young junior leader in training." Brittany won a beach chair for bringing the most friends.

"Purity is how you live your life daily," said Stephanie Good. She presented white roses to the young ladies dedicated to purity of mind and body. They were to preserve their rose in remembrance of this day and their commitment.

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