‘No Parking’ signs reposted near ‘The Rock’

Lisa Mitchell - Digital First Media No Parking signs were put up along Port Clinton Avenue in Schuylkill County.

No parking signs were recently reposted along Port Clinton Avenue in Schuylkill County to discourage people from parking along the curvy road near ‘The Rock.’

Social media attracted people by the hundreds to the Schuylkill River, eager to jump off ‘The Rock’ and swim in the river on the Berks and Schuylkill county border in Tilden and West Brunswick townships.

The signs were hung on telephone poles along the north side of Port Clinton Avenue in Schuylkill County which becomes Blue Mountain Road once it crosses into Windsor Township, Berks County.

“We freshened up our signs. It was always a no parking area,” said Officer Kevin Clouser, land manager for Schuylkill and Berks counties for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. “We reposted our signs to reinforce what was already there. North side of road is all state gamelands.”

Over the weekend of July 23, cars lined Port Clinton Avenue, parked awkwardly over ditches and nearly sideways on the hill side. The line of cars and people walking along the road stretched into Windsor Township, Berks County. By that evening, a group of people clad in bikinis and swim trunks were laying along the side of the road while another group grilled their dinner on a small grill balanced on the guard rail. There was trash left along the side of the road, also.

Clouser said the no parking signs were put up about a week or two ago.

“The overflow of the traffic from The Rock has affected the state gamelands,” said Clouser. “Garbage was thrown out there and on our property which we don’t appreciate. That takes time and man hours to clean it up.”

He also said parking along that road causes a hazard to motorized traffic.

“Signs are up to notify people it’s still valid that you can’t park there. There’s not enough space to do that there,” he said.

Clouser hopes the new signs help with the situation at ‘The Rock.’

After the signs were reposted, driving along Port Clinton Avenue on Sunday, Aug. 7, there were no cars parked along the roadway, but there were still people parked in a lot on Route 61 and people could be seen near The Rock, swimming.

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