Fleetwood Borough Council unanimously approved no tax increase for the 2009 budget, which was passed in a vote held Dec. 22, keeping 2.75-mill rate.Secretary Treasurer Marsha Anderson told The Patriot that the vote was unanimous, and no changes were made.

"There were no conflicts about the budget," she said.

The main difference in Fleetwood's 2009 budget compared to other years is the introduction of a park renovation project, funded by borough money in addition to grants from Sen. Michael O'Pake, Rep. David Kessler, and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Though the project's total cost will amount to $150,000, only about $30,000 will come from borough funds. Work to be done in 2009 includes replacing playground equipment, adding a fitness trail, and installing security cameras.

The total budget is $1,870,147. In addition to the park renovation, funds will pay benefits and payroll and cover general maintenance.

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