Pennsylvania Senator David Argall announced early last week his bid to run for Tim Holden's seat in Congress.

Argall traveled his district on Jan. 11 to announce his bid for the seat, and at 4 p.m., he made his announcement at Hamburg Borough Hall.

'I did not want to say in 2010, I'was given the choice to make a differnce and passed,''Argall said. 'You have my commitment. I know it's hard work, but I'm in.'

Argall previously served as state represenative, until Senator James Rhoades' untimely passing lead to an emergency election of Argall to the senator's district.

Speaking in Argall's support, Rudy Ghergel, of Orwigsburg, related his experience of escaping Romania to live in America and its democracy.

'Dave Argall, all his life, has fought for American values,' Gherghel said. 'He has new ideas.'

Also there to support Argall, Troy Sanders, of Pottsville, said he was concerned with the politicians in Washington, and believed that Argall could remedy that problems.

In a prepared statement, Argall said the country is suffering from massive unemployment numbers, massive debt and massive uncertainty of how citizens are protected.

'When more than 300 people joined a Facebook page to encourage me to run for Congress, and others began a Draft Dave Blog with the same purpose I began to think more seriously about entering the race,' Argall said. 'My final decision came down to appeals like this: In the 1960's Rudy Ghergel hiked for three days through the mountains to escape communism in Romania and Yugoslavia and came to the United States to live sa a free man. When someone like Rudy Ghergel looks me in the eye and reminds all of us that, in his words 'In a democracy people are supposed to have a real choice for Congress,' I finally agreed to these continuing requests.'

After that, Argall pledged to make a chance in Congress.

While in good company in borough hall, right outside on the front lawn, a giant inflated pink pig was displayed to show some taxpayers' dissatisfaction with Argall's announcement.

The man behind the pig, Gene Stilp, of Harrisburg, said he traveled behind Argall during the day to protest the senator's announcement. Along with Stilp, Dennis Baylor, of Hamburg, called Argall a payjacker.

Congressman Tim Holden responded to Argall's announcement with a statement sent out to media.

In the statement, Holden cited Argall's only recent experience as a senator as a potential weakness.

He also discussed his relationship with the late senator Rhoades.

'Senator Rhoades was a colleague and friend of mine. He and I worked closely together for the people we represented and we upheld the long tradition of bipartisanship which has served our constituents well over the years,' Holden wrote in the statement. 'I am proud to share this same tradition of bipartisanship with other elected legislators throughout the 17th Congressional District. It is disturbing to me that Dave Argall has chosen to disregard this policy for his own personal gains.'

He said Argall voted to increase his pension while serving as a state representative, as well as a pay increase.

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