Blandon man charged for filming female co-workers at DeSales University

A Blandon man has been charged for filming a female co-worker at a Lehigh County university.

John Bednarik, 33, was charged earlier this month by Upper Saucon Township Police with one count of invasion of privacy after police said he placed a hidden camera in the victim's office at DeSales University, Center Valley, so he could film her using a breast pump.

Tom McNamara, Executive Director of Communications at DeSales University, said, 'An allegation of invasion of privacy of one of our employees was made on May 29. After an initial investigation, DeSales turned the matter over to the Upper Saucon Township Police who took over the investigation,' said McNamara.

Bednarik, who previously served as director of campus environment, was fired from the University on May 30, in anticipation of charges being filed, said McNamara.

On June 26, Lehigh County First Assistant District Attorney Steven Luksa amended the original criminal complaint, charging Bednarik with two counts of attempted invasion of privacy involving two other female co-workers.

According to a release from the Lehigh County Courthouse District Attorney's Office, police allege that Bednarik placed a camera in the women's locker room of the gym at DeSales, filming a woman as she was changing clothes. Due to the angle of the camera, the film does not show the woman's body. An attempted invasion of privacy charge was filed.

Another charge of attempted invasion of privacy was filed from an alleged incident that occurred in February. A third victim was changing clothes at a locker in the gym locker room when she looked up at a second-story window and saw a man looking at her, according to police. The incident was reported to campus security and police, who later questioned Bednarik.

Bednarik waived his preliminary hearing on June 26. He is free on bail. The hearing had been scheduled for June 27.

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