Editorial: Bowers thru-hiker finishing AT

Submitted photo Bobby Zerwick, Bowers, reaches 2,000 miles hiked on the AT.

Lisa Zerwick, mom of Bowers thru-hiker Bobby Zerwick, contacted me on Aug. 8 to tell me that Bobby was completing his hike the following week. She and other family members were headed north to Maine to pick him up at the end of the Appalachian Trail. She provided a photo of Bobby when he hit the 2,000 mile mark. He has also reached his fundraising goal of $5,000 to donate toward Alzhiemer's disease research.

'We are so proud of him,' wrote Lisa Zerwick.

I am excited to hear more about his adventures on the trail from Bobby himself when he returns. An avid hiker myself, I am always eager to talk about hiking and hear about other people's experiences. Everyone has a different story to share, you never know what could happen on the trail, that is the magic of hiking-- adventure!

So look for a new article in an upcoming issue about Bobby's adventures on the trail after he returns to Bowers.

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