'It's my first day of school!' shouted Kutztown five-year-old Ramona Slabonik to her friends outside Kutztown Elementary on Monday morning. 'Mine, too!' shouted her friends.

Ramona walked to KES for her first day of school with her Mom, Rachel.

'We're very excited,' said Rachel, holding a video camera. 'Her teacher is so nice. We already met everybody. They're going to have a good day.'

Running to the KES front door were Jakob Hollenbach, 10, and his sister, Leah, 6.

'Jakob is excited about the guinea pig in his classroom and Leah is excited about the ocean unit,' said their Mom, Dodie Hollenbach.

Also walking to Kutztown Elementary for the first day were Kutztown students Kaylen Leiby, 10; Kelly Leiby, 8; and Elena Sewall, 8; with three-year-old Egan Sewall riding on the back of a bike with Erin Kraal and Jacob Sewall, also walking a bike they rode through town after dropping off the students.

Everyone was eager for the start of school.

Out in Fleetwood, third grader Sadie Eggleston, 8, walked to Willow Creek Elementary with her Mom, Lori, little brother Liam, 1, and her Grandma, Marilyn Hill.

'We have three generations walking to school,' said Lori.

Nearby, second grader Evangeline Crossley, 7, posed for a photo in front of the Willow Creek sign. She was looking forward to 'seeing my friends and having fun.'

In Topton, Anayah Jones, 9; Sarah Hanning, 9; and Kevra Schweitzer, 8; were among the first to arrive at Brandywine Heights Elementary School with Chris Harmony and Bruce Uyvari walking them to school.

Frank Sell and Asher Sell, 8, were also early to arrive at Brandywine elementary.

'I'm just happy to see my friends again and see my teachers,' said Asher.

'We're excited to be back,' said Frank.

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