Regarding the increase in taxes, Fleetwood resident Perry Wiltrout expressed concerns to the Fleetwood Borough Council on Monday night about three supervisors driving borough vehicles home.

'So you the tax payer must pay more so these guys get a borough truck and free gas to come and go to work,' wrote Wiltrout on The Patriot Facebook page.

Anderson told The Patriot that the three borough supervisors for water, sewer and streets use qualified non-personal use vehicles to commute to and from work. She said the borough provides the gas for the vehicles. All three employees are on call 24-7, said Anderson. According to Anderson these employees live in the surrounding townships.

Responding to Wiltrout's concerns about this practice being legal, borough solicitor Andrew George told The Patriot, 'It is legal because these are qualified non-personal use vehicles that's under the Internal Revenue Service code.'

George explained that the definition of a qualified non-personal use vehicle is 'any vehicle which by reason of its nature is not likely to be used more than a de minimis amount for personal purposes.'

He said that these borough employees are responsible for responding to any emergency regarding water, sewer and streets. He said the purpose of the IRS code exception is to save time in responding to an emergency by allowing qualified personal to drive directly to the emergency from home, rather than taking the time to drive to the borough office, unlock the building, get the keys and then go to the emergency call.

George said that these are marked borough vehicles that are large-scale pickup trucks equipped for responding to water, sewer and streets emergency calls. One of the vehicles has a hydraulic lift.

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