Hamburg Fish and Game Association holds children's rodeo

Photo Supplied This year's rodeo was attended by 432 children and their parents.

The Hamburg Fish and Game Association held its 55th Annual Children's Fish Rodeo on May 19-20.

This year's rodeo was attended by 432 children and their parents; attendees came from areas such as Berks and Schuylkill counties, and even from out of state. The event is free to the public and includes free hot dogs and soda for children. Children are also given tickets for a door prize donated by local merchants and/or club members.

The association's dam was stocked with approximately 2,700 pounds of trout beforehand; 660 trout in total were caught and measured. The grand winner was Sammy McGowan, with a total of 63 inches on her four fish. McGowan's name will be added to the plaque at the association club house. The prize is given in memory of former member Jerry Stewart and his family.

Other winners of the fishing contests included Azaria Enoch, Keon Heng, McKenzie Wesez, Drew Keller and Zachery Garman.

This year's rodeo was dedicated to the memory of Alf Ernst and Larry Postupak. The proceedings began with a moment of silence, followed by the singing of the National Anthem by Barb Belsak.

In 1957, two years after the dam was built, the first rodeo was held on club property. Rodeos had been held since 1954, but not on club grounds.

Total inches of fish caught Saturday

0-5 age group 1st Azaria Enoch, 17 and 12.5

2nd Adam Brensinger, 17 and 12.25

3rd Owen Heim, 16 6-8 age group

1st Keon Heng, 19 1/8 2nd Austin Reddinger, 16.5

3rd Owen Brown, 16.25 9-11 age group

1st McKenzie Wesez, 17 2nd Dakota Barlet, 16.75

3rd Samantha Adams, 16.5 12-15 age group

1st Sammy McGowan, 20 2nd Logan Heffner, 17.75

3rd Carter Middlecamp, 17.25 Smallest Fish: Christian Brown, Julianna Bellaus

Sunday 0-5 age group 1st Luke Brown, 17 1/8

2nd Chrissandra Correll, 17.5 3rd Emalee Burkholder, 17 1/8

6-8 age group 1st Drew Keller, 18.75

2nd Haley Stertzel, 18 1/8 3rd McKenzie Sterner, 17.25

9-11 age group 1st Zachery Garman, 20.5

2nd Luke Ammarell, 18.5 3rd Thomas Bensinger, 17.75

12-15 age group 1st Sammy McGowan, 17.75

2nd Jordan Stone, 17 1/8 3rd Cody Ruth, 15.5

Smallest Fish: David Stueber, Avante Chea, Kylie Christman

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