Kylee Missimer

Kylee Missimer

Each year one member of the Health Occupations course at BCTC (Berks Career and Technology Center) is selected as president of the Health Occupations Student Association or HOSA. This year’s President is Kylee Missimer, a junior attending Hamburg Area High School.

This is an amazing accomplishment that highlights the many leadership opportunities for students at BCTC.

After sitting down with Kylee and talking with her about her new role as President of the HOSA, it became clear that her accomplishment is one to marvel at and aspire to.

How were you selected for this position?

“When I first found out about applying to be a HOSA officer, I had to originally fill out a paper with all of my information and then the position I wanted to run for. After that, I gave a speech in front of all of the level one students, and they selected the candidate that they wanted to win. I competed against one other student for the spot of HOSA President.”

What does it mean to be the President of HOSA?

“To me, being the President of HOSA means bringing a group of people with one common goal together. All of the students who are associated with HOSA, have the same common goal as me and my fellow officers, and being able to help them succeed and being a good role model means a lot to me. I am so happy that I get to work with the group of officers, that I have to make sure everyone's ideas and thoughts are heard and expressed.”

What responsibilities do you have?

“This year our HOSA responsibilities are a little bit different due to Covid. When we learned that our state leadership conference (SLC) that we attend every year would be virtual, my fellow officers, our advisor, and myself knew that we had to do something for the students who never got a real SLC experience. As of right now, I am helping to plan an in house SLC, we are putting together our own competition and prizes for a fun two day experience. As the HOSA President, I run our monthly HOSA meetings and make sure that we always have a fun HOSA icebreaker. Along with my other responsibilities, I keep the communication between the students, our advisors, and the other officers running smoothly.”

This is Kylee’s first real taste of leadership experience, but definitely not her last. Her confidence, drive for success, and compassion for others will ensure that every leadership position she holds will be met with poise and grace, inspiring those around her. Hamburg Area High School is so proud to have Kylee Missimer as a student and is excited to watch her grow into the fantastic leader she is becoming. Congratulations Kylee!

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